Saturday, June 1, 2013

Last Week I Found Some Tasty Lighting At The St. Louis ReStore. That Place Is The Greatest For Thrift Hardware. These Vintage Mod Outdoor Sconces Are A Great Example Of What Can Be Found There. Status: One Cleaned Up - All Wanting Paint.


I cleaned this one up just to see how it would look but for real, they all need to be repainted.  They'd look sharp in just about any color.  Think how cool one would be color matched to your front door.  Or just basic satin black, white or silver.


So I'm thinking I'll shoot one of these with just basic white paint to show how good they'll look when

rehabbed and drop them all off at the booth in The Green Shag Market.   There were a few more of

these at the ReStore but they didn't have any more of the globes, clear or frosted...and they look just

silly without a globe.


I really wish we had a place for a sconce like this outside our front door...or even the back door, but lights like this.  We do have a flood light out back but I don't want to put one of these in it's

place.  Not the right kind of light!  Now that I think about it, these could just as easily be used indoors

as a hallway light, since we have something similar in our hallway.  You'd just need to be able to mount

 it high enough so that you don't bump it with your head when you walk by.  They seem pretty versatile.


Yeah, the messy ones are pretty darn messy, but that middle one was just as bad.  They clean up nice. 

I'm hoping to have at least one painted by the end of the weekend...if the weather will cooperate.  It's

been pretty stormy 'round here so getting anything done outside is tricky.  We'll see how it goes.  Hope

your weekend projects come off without a hitch!

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  1. Those have a really nice look and would look lovely outside any mid-mod pad. I'd go with a satin black.