Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wow! What A Beautiful Saturday Afternoon! We Made A Little Trip Back North To Springfield Illinois Today To Pick Up A Table Via Craigslist But Went Ahead And Explored A Couple Of New Antique Malls In The Area. Status: Discovered.


The Barrel Antique Mall?  Don't let that rustic down home name fool you.  I found a set of Four Thayer Coggin / Milo Baughman Orange and Chrome armchairs here...along with booth after booth filled...neah, STUFFED with Vintage Modern goodness.


First...let me say, just 'cuz they're in the middle of nowhere (the midwest...and just south of

Springfield Il. more specifically, that is) doesn't mean you're gonna snatch these up for cheap.  If

that had been the case, I'd be blogcasting a different post.  They were, in my humble opinion,

appropriately priced but I wasn't up for a big investment today.  That and they need some love. 


You can easily see that One of the Four chairs is much lighter in color than the others.  Also the

armrest padding has turned to dust.  So there's a couple hundred bucks in upholstery work for ya. It'd

probably be worth the effort given what I've seen the asking price can be for these on the web and

how hard it is to find them...much less a matched set of Four.  I took a bunch more pics of the rest of

the stuff that I'll share later, plus I picked up a couple of great side tables that I'll post about soon. 

Tomorrow promises to suck weather wise but was a good day.


  1. Love those chairs!! Do you know how much they were asking? Tia!

    1. Hi EK.

      They weren't cheap by any means @ $350 each, but I'd hazard a guess that the asking was negotiable. Still, they'd need a full upholstery job done on 'em.