Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Made In America...South America That Is. I Was Told By The Former Owner Of This Huge Fantastic Fiber Wall Art That It Was Created By A Local Artist In Brazil. Status: Did I Mention Huge?


I can't make that signature out...Dinah?  I don't know.  The bigger question is How Do You Feel About Fiber Art.  This can be a real contentious and polarizing issue so I'm hoping to see some lively debate in the comments...or maybe it's time has arrived and everybody's come to accept it's resurgence...like skinny jeans and pop up headlights...oh wait...that second one ain't happened yet.


I gotta admit, I was influenced by the fiber art finds over at The Brick House a while back.  I wasn't very

impressed with the stuff at the time but she planted a little seed that's been growing in my brain.  Some-

where between then and now I've found an appreciation for this style.  This piece isn't quite as dramatic

as the pieces Morgan has managed to find...but I imagine many of you might still have strong opinions.


I'd be more than happy to keep this, if I had a proper place to display it.  I thought about the bedroom

above our Broyhill Brasilia headboard
, but it might be too large for that space and the area next to the

bed is open too but man...this thing really takes over a wall.  It wants for a larger, more open area where

it's scale can be properly appreciated.  Maybe you've got that space.  I'll be dropping this off either at

The Green Shag or our shop Fleur De Lis - Home Source soon.  Watch for an ad on craigslist for

availability...or if you're impatient shoot me a note via e-mail.  Four out of Five...not too shabby, right?


  1. Um...no thank you. I feel like fiber art is one of those things that takes a house from vintage hip to outdated museum of bad design history very quickly. How's that for direct? Sorry, but these are not for me.

  2. Talk about straight-to-the-source Brasilia! IT'S FROM BRAZIL! I respectfully disagree with Alison, I think this is a FABULOUS find. I especially like the wavy edge breaking down into loose threads. I hope it fits over your headboard!!

  3. I'd give my next-born child (safe to say at 65) for an Evelyn Ackerman wall hanging, and I love the ones being done by fellow bloggers Pippa at Ouch Flower and Kylie at Paravent. I think yours is beautiful, and if I had a large space, I'd buy it from you. I have a small wool one in my bedroom, so I guess it's safe to say that I consider textiles a valid art form.

  4. It's gorgeous--not at all tacky or granola. I agree, though, about it needing a large, airy light space.