Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Is This A Knoll Table? There's No Label But There's One Tell Tale Sign. I Just Can't Find Another Like It Anywhere. Can My Amazing Readership Help? Status: Mysterious.


I found this big heavy steel and walnut pedestal dining table over the weekend languishing at the South County Value Village.  No price so at first I thought it was already sold.  Then I noticed that NONE of the furniture had prices!  So, although I hate having to, I asked.  Then I purchased.


So here it is in all it's glory.  Yeah, that big one piece walnut top is in kinda rough shape, finish wise.  I'm

not worried.  I've already talked to Dan, who has refinished two Brasilia dining tables for me - one of

which we looked at yesterday, and he's keen on taking a stab at it.


Isn't this base just spectacular all by itself?  Everything takes a magnet so I guess it's brass plated where

it looks like brass.  I know's heavy.  Really...really heavy.  I had to take this all apart in the thrift

and shoulder the base out to the car.  I was huffin' and puffin'. 


The heft speaks to heavy duty use expectations and furthers my belief that this may in fact be a Knoll

product.  My Knoll - Florence Knoll dining table base also weighs a ton.  I love the raw welds where

the pedestal meats the base plate, which also looks like raw steel.  This all looks like something out the

Anthropology or Restoration Hardware catalog.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to ID this table.  I'm 90%

sure it's a Knoll table because of the table top construction and shape.


The construction of this table top is identical to the top on my Florence Knoll dining table.  Both have

that thin rim of banding around the outside edge.  Both have a thin veneer of walnut on the bottom and

another veneer of walnut on the top with a thick layer of HDF or Hardboard in the middle.  This top,

like the base, is seriously heavy.  Unfortunately, Unlike my Florence Knoll dining table, there is no label

on the bottom of this table top.  Nor on the base anywhere.  The top only has mounting holes where it

was attached to this base.  Can anybody out there confirm that this is (or definitively Isn't) a Knoll table?


  1. I think the base looks a bit crude (with the welding showing so prominently like that) to be Knoll or any other designer. It looks like someone added it in their garage. So I'm guessing that the top and/or pedestal are original and the foot was added.

    1. My buddy Jeff had the same reaction and I'm wondering if maybe there wasn't and "insert" that was slid down the pole that fit inside the outer ring and covered the raw steel base and those welds. I'm pretty sure that the entire table is original in its entirety. Nothing seem amiss that way to me. I'm 97% sure that the top is Knoll and it doesn't have any mounting holes other than those that fit it to this base. I sure would like to see another like this though!