Friday, May 24, 2013

Yup, More IKEA But It's Still A Pretty Cool Candelabra And It Totally Fits In With The Rest Of My Wares. Plus, Bonus, I Found A Near Perfect Globe Lighting Fixture At The ReStore Too! Status: Old Vs. New (ish).


I've taken Thursday and Friday off this week and while Thursday was kinda cool and drizzly all day Friday is looking up.  I did manage to shift the Yellow Majestic fireplace and after delivering it downtown (to the City Museum Lofts...SUPER Cool place!) I was already it made sense to check the traps while out, right?  This (and a cool hanging globe light fixture) is the takings.


This is pretty much the same fixture we have hanging from the ceiling of our front porch...except in better

condition!  You'd think I'd replace that one with this one.  Nope, this one is available and will soon be

tagged and hauled off to the shop.  As you can see, it works.  What's not to work?  But I still felt

compelled to test it out.


One of the cool features of this unit is that the length of the drop can be adjusted to three different

lengths.  There are two connected "pipes" that make up the length of drop and used together they

provide a drop of 33", use just the longest piece and you get a drop of 21", and if just the shortest

piece is used you'll get a drop of just 13".


You know those big blue plastic bins that Goodwill rolls out full of random stuff? This IKEA candelabra

never even made it out of that. I didn't find anything else there so I started scrounging through one of

those and "BAM" there was this! It does have a teeny bit of candle wax on it so I know it has actually

been used. Sure, it's IKEA but it's stainless steel and pretty hearty which helped it survive the donation

process and will ensure that it'll be around for some time to come.

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  1. The Ikea "Stockholm" line is their higher end merchandise.