Thursday, May 23, 2013

A (Mystery) Danish Slipper Chair, Brass Top "Spider" Table And A Cool Candelabra. Not A Bad Haul For A Late Flea Market Arrival! Status: Sweet Flea Finds.


Yeah, that upholstery is pretty hideous but the chair is solid and has great lines.  You've already seen the Spider Leg Table, and the candelabra...that's pretty darn cool too.  All this was found and hauled back to Frank within an hour from the various vendors.  Not too shabby, eh?


Just before we were ready to leave the flea I spotted this chair.  It looked intriguing and for real, all I

wanted to do is see if it had a label on the bottom.  I stepped into the vendors booth and tipped the chair

over and that was all it took.  The seller pounced on me.  I guess they were desperate to be rid of it...

maybe it's haunted...because they tossed out a price I just couldn't say "no" to.


It's a little rough around the edges but it's strong and tight.  It's missing its seat back cushion too but also,

not a real problem.  I didn't find a label on it at the flea market and I haven't found any info on the web

except one seller who has reupholstered theirs in blue velvet, but alas still no ID.  Just a vague "in the

style of Robsjohn-Gibbings".


So the upholstery must go.  Not only 'cuz it's stupid ugly...oh's gotta go because a backrest must

be constructed for this and even if the upholstery wasn't ugly I'd never be able to match it.  Looks like

a pretty simple job and the frame only needs some minor cleanup help.  It'll probably sit in the garage

for years.


Not much to tell about the candlestick.  I think it's aluminum.  It cleans up pretty easily with just a rub

with baking soda.  It's destined for the shop soon.  I've got so many smalls that I've got to get tagged

up and taken to the shop or booth that it makes my head hurt.  Or maybe that's just because I'm off

energy drinks and I'm suffering caffeine withdrawal.


  1. Good finds! Love your blog.

  2. That chair has really nice lines. Did not love it in blue velvet though, please don't repeat.

  3. Love the chair! I have a tray that originally went to one of those table bases...I keep hoping in vain to find a base at a flea someday. :)