Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Picked Up A Bag Or Two Of Smalls A Few Days Ago That Just Run The Gammut Of Vintage. Retro? Check. Danish? Check. Antique(y)? Check. Status: Gotta Get 'Em Tagged.


Since this pair of steel framed Chinese scene plaques were in sorta rough condition I almost passed on them, but then I took a second look.  That's not "rough", that's Character!  Yeah, I mean for the most part they are actually in great shape.  It's the frames that have taken the real beating anyway.  Plus, I picked up some other goodies while out checking the traps.


Right, see...the plaster (I think) plaques are hardly damaged at all.  The frames are a little scratched, but

not dented or really damaged.  These would present well as is, or the frames could be cleaned and

resprayed.  A little touch up on the plaques and they'd be good as new...if good as new is your thing. 

These be headed for my booth ( case you're interested) at The Green Shag Market in the city.


I know...I think everything is rosewood these days, and these are no exception.  They just have that

density to the grain and the rich deep color that is indicative of rosewood.  At any rate, these hardwood

and cork trivets ARE as good as new and I might just be keeping them.  They look as if they've never

been used and they look...Fine.  I'm liking the finer things lately!


And then there's the Carnival Glass.  I'm not about to start collecting Carnival Glass.  No Way.  I collect

to many useless objects already and...while yes, they do tug at my little heart and call out to me to keep

them for my very own...I shall resist the damnable temptation and tag these up post haste for sale at our

little family shop: Fleur De Lis - Home Source, where they will fit right in with our eclectic mix of fine

home furnishings both Vintage Modern and Antique Inspired. them, and remove them from

my sight!

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