Sunday, May 12, 2013

'Twas A Marvelous Day Here In The Midwest. I Partook Of The Wentzville Flea This Morning And Rescued This Vintage Jacobsen Series 7 Chair. Status: Why-Oh-Why.


I passed it by three times before breaking down and making an offer on it.  I just felt so sorry for it.  It's not a bad paint job...just SO the wrong chair!  It's a shame Becky Miles didn't know any better.  But I'm gonna see if I can rescue it.


...Although, it is kinda growing on me.  But, it must be stripped and fixed proper.  The legs

should be easy, they are chrome plated under that green paint.  It's already coming off.  The seat

should be easy to strip too, I'm just a little bit worried about what I'll find underneath it.  Was there

a good reason Becky painted this 13 years ago?  Maybe it was already black and she just dabbed

some more decoration on.


Good lord, that's just so sweet that it's pushing me into a sugar coma.  I'm not exactly sure how "vintage"

this particular chair is.  I think the older ones have the maker info embossed on the center plastic cover

on the bottom.  There seems to be a later design like this with the Hex Key screw in the middle and a

sticker label.  I'm, of course, going to do a little more digging but as of now I can't really say this chair

is an authentic Arne Jacobsen / Fritz Hansen Series 7 chair.  But I'm hopeful!


So Becky, your off the hook for the moment! What's your opinion of this chair? Travesty or Treasure?

Somewhere in between? Would you have picked it up for $30? Would you go to all the trouble of

stripping and refinishing it?


  1. I'm less forgiving. I want to smack Becky and her kind. Why do people do this crap? WHY?
    On the bright side, at least Becs didn't paint it and then 'distress' it. Nothing looks more ridiculous on MCM than 'shabby chic'.

  2. I see painted MCM in antique stores all the time (and sometimes, an entire booth of it). A part of me wants to start leaving people notes- "Do you know what you painted?!"

  3. Yeah, there's someone in MA who happily paints Brasilia. I cry every time I see it.

  4. I look forward to the "After" pics!

  5. There's a Sculptra credenza on Ebay right now--or maybe Etsy; I forget--and the seller says, very perkily, "I usually upcycle these but this is too nice." I'm worried if it doesn't sell, it may get perkified, anyway. :-O

  6. You probably know what I'm going to impart, but hell yes I would have picked for the price. Not that I need any more projects but she looks pretty vintage to me and possibly a "relatively" easy restore. I am such a sucker for rehabbing this type of furniture. I think it may be a disease that's has no cure...

  7. I can't wait to see how ot turns out! I like to think I would have spotted the potential, but it's more likely that I would have seen the paint job and quickly moved on.