Sunday, May 19, 2013

8 Days Ago I Had Never Heard Of Ron Rezek...Now I Have Two Versions And Three Desk Lamps By Him. Strange How This Kind Of Thing Happens. When It Rains It Pours...And I'm Always Out There With A Bucket! Status: Hunted / Gathered.


While I was trying to find some intel on the mod desk lamps last week after spotting them on craigslist, I kept seeing this design as well.  Turns out that it too is a Ron Rezek designed desk lamp.  Not exactly my style but if you look around the web for a minute you'll see that they don't exactly come cheap.


So when I spotted this one off hand on craigslist (while trying to find an ad for a piece of art to show

Mom-tomic) I figured I should seek it out and get a price.  Turns out it was priced a little higher than

my comfort level, so I made an offer and ended up paying a bit more than I think I would have if I

hadn't been armed with the knowledge acquired over the last week studying up on Ron Rezek's

work.  Turns out his first success was in designing those bright orange water rescue floats you see

on Baywatch!


So yeah, not my style so much, so this is headed to Fleur De Lis - Home Source where it will fit right

in with our eclectic mish-mash of styles on offer.  I won't be putting a $2500 price tag on it like what

you'll find on 1stDibs either, yet I bet I'll still raise a few eyebrows with potentially unknowing buyers. 

Not an issue.  As I've come to realize with the antique mall booth...there's a buyer out there, if you can

just wait for them long enough.  One down...Four to go.


  1. I don't care who designed it, it's ugly!

  2. Could always have info on the designer at your booth, find it helps when I don't know much about it.