Wednesday, May 29, 2013

::Update!:: Back With Some More "Design Within OUR Reach". This Time I Found Some Mies Van Der Rohe "BRNO" Chairs In Sleek Stainless Steel And Lushious Chocolate Brown Leather. Status: Liquidation Special.


So right away, let me get this out of the way...sadly, they are not Knoll.  They are "Made In China" repros.  I know, I was disappointed too.  Still, they are super nice reproductions, being made of real leather and polished stainless steel.  My hopes were high but did I really think my luck was that good?  Uh uh.  ::Check inside for a lil more info I just came across::


These are so fresh that I still have three of them in the back of Frank from this morning.  I spotted them

LATE last night after dropping my daily post.  The weekend had been slim pickin's everywhere and

craigslist was no exception.  When the usual hunting grounds run dry I start coloring outside the lines. I

don't normally scour the "household" section but If I'm getting desperate, nothing's off limits.  These, like

the Herman Miller Eames task chairs I picked up a while back, where found in the Business section.  The

Business section is tough hunting as it is populated with tons of everything BUT cool chairs.  It's a real

needle in a haystack challenge.


I mentioned that I've still got 3 of these in the back of my Focus wagon but I picked up 7 of these

lovely beauties all together.  Yeah...7, it's driving me a little crazy.  The ad was for 8 but when I arrived

they found that they had miscounted and only had the 7.  Still, I'm sure that I'll be able to find new and

appreciative homes for all of them, despite the odd number available.  I'll be dropping one off at the shop

in St. Charles and one in my booth at The Green Shag Market with a note on the tag informing that there

are more available, as well as my ubiquitous craigslist ads.  Anybody interested?

::Update::  I decided to do a web search on the importer (Alphaville Designs, Inc.) of these fine Mies Van Der Rohe BRNO chairs and came across this Bloomberg article and read that Knoll found these to be so close to the original that they sued Alphaville Designs, Inc. for infringing on their copyright concerning the design of the BRNO chair.  Could these end up being as collectible as pre lawsuit Les Paul reproduction guitars?