Thursday, May 2, 2013

Taking A Day Off Tuesday Payed Off Big! I Picked Up This Great Vintage Mod Swag Lamp Along With The Tulip Table Featured Yesterday And A Few Other Choice Goodies That You'll See Later. Status: Available.


I had to clean up a chair and shoot some pics of that this morning before work for a potential new owner so I didn't have a real good chance to clean this little gem up.  Please disregard the spots you see on the globe and how dull the wood looks.  It's gonna get a proper scrubbing and the wood, a danish oil bath...then it's off to the shop.


Ain't that cool looking?!  Weird thing, the dark pics were taken with at the same time as the light pics,

only the lamp was on in the globe.  Makes it look like night time don't it?  This lamp and another were

snatched up from the Salvation Army on Forest Park Pkwy Tuesday afternoon and were unusually cheap

for even the Salv. Army.  Since they've moved up the street and are now across the street from the

Goodwill they seem to have changed.  I'm not sure if they are better or worse, just different.


I don't know if the rings are positionable for aesthetics or if they were simply done this way to make

access to the bulb easier.  I kind of like the idea of setting them close to each other.  The wood is in

great shape but needs to be cleaned and slathered in danish oil.  I was surprised to find that there was

a working bulb included!  I've bought plenty of lamps from the thrift stores and they usually don't come

with a bulb.  Once I was asked to remove a bulb from a lamp that I was buying!


The funny thing about finding lots of good stuff Tuesday is that whenever I muck about in the thrifts on

days I've taken vacation days off from work, I invariably find Nothing!  It was refreshing and reassuring

to find a couple of good lamps without having driven to every local trap and wasted my whole day

doing such.  A couple of good lamps?  Why yes, that's right!  I got another at the same thrift.  Stay

tuned to see it later!


  1. Several Goodwills have moved in Columbus; after their moves, they have not seemed to "get the goods" anymore.

  2. If you picked this for under $40 you stole it!