Friday, May 31, 2013

I'd Been Eye-Ballin' This Quistgaard Cheese And Cracker Board For Ages At The Green Shag. Half Off Sale? SOLD!!! Bonus: Dropped Off A BRNO Chair And Some Smalls There Yesterday Too. Status: Win / Win.


I stopped by the shop in St. Charles and The Green Shag Market yesterday to drop one of the Mies Van Der Rohe BRNO chairs in each and while at The Shag I of course had to snoop around.  There had been a Dansk cheese board there for ever that I had been pining over since it came in.  The vendor had JUST put up a Half Off sign and I pounced!


I couldn't resist.  I love these Quistgaard teak pieces.  As you can see, I'm putting together quite a

collection of Dansk bits.  I got schooled by Allison Burtt (one of my lovely readers) that the cheese knife

is not a Quistgaard piece but in fact a Vivianna Torun design, which...if I'd done my homework proper...

would have been obvious because the knife is labeled "Torun" on the blade.  My bad.  This is one of the

ways we all learn new things though.


Isn't it just beautiful?  I love the sculpted outer edge.  Most manufacturers might just go with a simple

rounded edge, which is why Dansk is so distinctive.  So now I've got the larger cheese and cracker

platter, ostensibly for BIG parties and the smaller cheese and cracker tray for smaller get togethers. 

Now I just need to clean up the joint so I can have either one!

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  1. LOL! Only fair since I've learned...oh...close to a bazillion new things from you! Love those Dansk pieces. I am insanely jealous.