Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Not Vintage But It's Certainly Modern. I Snatched Up This Great Herman Miller Aeron Chair Off C-list Last Evening After Work For A Song. It's Not Perfect But Certainly Serviceable. Status: Ohhh...The Comfort!


If you've never had the pleasure of sitting in one you are probably scratching your head right about now wondering why I'm showing off my plastic office chair.  The thing is, this is a future classic.  I can't really even remember where I first heard of the Herman Miller Aeron chair but a friend of ours had one years ago and when he moved we got to "baby set" his...we still have it.  It's sweet.  Last night I found another.


The best thing that I think can be said about these chairs is that it WORKS.  I don't know all the science

and technology or whatever but it's just so comfy...well for a task chair.  I mean, you're not gonna snuggle

up in it for a nap or anything like that but if you gotta knock out some internettin', this is the butt cozy you

gonna want.  There are all these linkages, uprights and control arms that keep everything aligned properly

when you lean back and the mesh seat and back keep you from getting too warm when you're rocking

your blog post or refreshing that eBay auction.


Did I mention that it's a Herman Miller product?  They of one of our favorites: The Herman Miller

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, and a couple of dozen other amazing products both new and

retired.  Personally, I prefer the out of production items but then, the Lounge Chair and Ottoman

are still in production. 


Yup, it's used.  It's got the bumps and bruises to prove it.  Another great thing about these chairs is that

they are modular and all the scraped bits, missing knobs and hole poked whatnots can be easily replaced. 

All these parts can be found on eBay if one had to have a chair with less "character".  Me, couldn't care

less as long as everything works.  Well, that and the bragging rights..."I gots an Aeron for cheap!"  But

alas, the bragging won't last as this is up for flip.  And if I don't flip it right away...the Girlfriend wants to

take it to work with her.

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