Monday, May 13, 2013

What Pops Up On Craigslist Never Ceases To Amaze Me. Sunday Afternoon Afforded The Mr. An Opportunity To Acquire A Fine Pair Of Ron Rezek Desk Lamp...And This Mister Is Not One To Look A Gift Horse In The Pie Hole. Status: Snatched.


Truth is, I hadn't even heard of Ron Rezek until yesterday.  I spotted this pair of perforated diffuser desk lamps on the "list" and decided to do a little lookin' 'round on the web.  I only turned up one other pair and they were listed on 1stDibs.  A good sign, but not definitive as far as I'm concerned.  Still, they weren't pricey and they looked cool.


The only issue was that they were so far away.  Maybe 40 miles each way.  But it was a glorious day

and a nice leisurely drive wasn't going to hurt no one.  They are totally worth the effort.  This super mod

design is reported to have been one of Ron Rezek's early designs from 1980.  There's not a lot of info on

this design.  Most of his other work is for rather boring business and bathroom lighting as well as some

kinda cool ceiling fans.  Looks like maybe he abandoned personal design for corporate money early on.


Sorry these shots aren't up to my usual standards.  I accidentally left my tri-pod at The Green Shag

Market while I was down there Saturday delivering the fabulous Majestic cone fireplace.  Yes, it's there

and it's available!  I did my best to hold the camera steady for these shots but this is why a tri-pod is so

useful.  One of these days I'm going to splurge on a REALLY nice one, too.  As you can see, the lamps

use a circular florescent bulb.  They put out a ton of light.  The diffuser that halos them is perforated steel

and looks spectacular when they are illuminated.


Given that the Ron Rezek lamps that I can find online are going for about 3 bills for a pair, these must

be worth at least that since they aren't easily found.  There are none on eBay, either available or in the

completed listings, at the moment and the pair that were on 1sDibs have been sold.  Anyway, I'm not

sure I even want to give them up.  I likes to keep my more rare and unusual finds and these are...

well, that!


  1. Thanks for provide nice pics.

  2. These have a great look even if they don't really qualify as MCM. The eighties may soon be the wave of the future, at least for well designed items. The rest of the eighties pretty much (to put in nicely) really was the decline of quality...

  3. Nice finds. I just scored an all black one for $14. They are listed on 1stdibs for $1,800 and $3,000. Ridiculous. But, hey, if someone wants to pay...!