Sunday, May 5, 2013

It's Been A Crazy Weekend. I Need A Drink. How About A Whiskey? This Set Should Help With That. Looks Like New. Status: Headed To The Shop.


One of my co-workers offered to GIVE me this as a neighbor had offered to give it to her.  She's not into vintage the way we are and she knew I'd love it so she shot me a text photo of it.  I asked her to bring it in to work and gave her some cash for it.  Next stop: Fleur De Lis - Home Source.


Sorry this posting is so late.  I've had quite a weekend.  I procured an amazing dining room suite Friday

before heading in to work and made arrangements to pick it up Saturday morning...but it had a one piece

china cabinet.  That meant that I'd have to procure the use of Mom-tomic's van to transport that piece. 

So I got up early and picked up everything else, then drove to the shop and swapped cars and drove

back to get the china cab.  Then I had to drive that home and unload it, then drive back to the shop to

get my still full car.  Then I had to go into work and put in a few hours to make up for taking off Tuesday. 

Sigh.  A long day.


Then today I had to cash a check at Schnucks (a local supermarket wherein some of the locations have

a bank branch that is actually open on SUNDAY!) and then head to The Green Shag and pay my rent

down there.  Afterward we browsed The Future Antiques since we hadn't been there in ages (and found

soooo much to add to our wish book) then to the south county Value Village where I found what I'm

hoping turns out to be something special.  We had the wrong car so I paid for it and left it for pick up



THEN (!!!) I had to get the car unloaded from Saturday and make my way over to my buddy Dan's to

pick up a table that I had him working on and drop off the Brasilia side table that I pulled out of our foyer. 

We hung out for a while and talked and then I tried to head back to the Value Village before they closed,

but missed that deadline.  Then I finally came home and ate dinner.  What a Weekend.  And now I'm

finally getting around to filing today's post!  Ain't that a pretty glass caddy?  It's headed to the shop in

Old St. Charles if you're in

the are and interested in picking it up!

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