Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tired Of Shooting Without A Tripod, I Though I'd Share With You The Prey I'm Stalking This Weekend. Kind Of A Before And After, If You Will. Plus, How Cute Is That D*mn Kitty?! Status: All Atwitter.

stalking kitty

Look owt internets...I's commin' to get yooz.  Such is my late week agenda.  I set up all sorts of hopeful rendezvous with dreams of epic scores.  Wanna take a look at some of the items I've got in my laser sights for Saturday?  Click on through and be prepared to Be Amazed (or whatever)!

MalmGold Majestic

So can you tell me what's the connection here? Yup, vintage fireplaces. The one on the left is a Malm and

the one in the background on the right is a Majestic just like our orange one in the guest bedroom. I've

got dibs set up on both for Saturday and am hoping that it all works out according to Master

Plan Of World Domination tha is! Ha Ha Haaaa!!! Ahem...anyway,

Stacking Chairs

That black pyramid Malm is out of town but it just so happens that so are these stacking bentwood

chairs. I emailed the seller last week but didn't get a reply in time to take action. Alas they said that there

are only 5 left, but since I'm headed that way anyway, how could I resist? I'll take what they've got, if

they still have those.


Then, back here in town I spotted this. Yeah, I know...WTF? Looks like a craft fair lamp you'd pick up

at the Gypsy Caravan flea market, right? It's not. In fact, it's another "vintage" lamp by Ron Rezek...he

who designed the rad '80s desk lamps I featured just a few days ago
. I wouldn't even have had any

interest in this lamp had I not spent hours trying to find additional images of lamps like my pair. Turns out

this one might be worth a little sumthin' sumthin' so I'm going to see if I can snatch it up as well!

Fiber Art

Lastly, there's this super groovy fiber wall art that I'm going to take a chance on. I'm kinda smitten with

it already so I may just keep it but I wanna test the waters on this kind of stuff to see if it's flippable. I

know there are other influential bloggers out there who have done much to raise the collective vintage

modern awareness of fiber art coolness, but I'm not sure it's trickled down far enough just yet so that

this wouldn't collect dust in my antique mall booth for months. Doesn't matter, I like it and if I can't flip

it I'll be happy to keep it. That's my golden(ish) rule. So, what are YOU stalking this weekend?

Anything good?

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