Thursday, May 16, 2013

Art Imitates Life? Sometimes. This Vintge '70s String Art Is Probably What My Brain Looks Like On The Weekends When I've Got Too Much Going On. Status: Controlled Chaos?


I picked this up at the Goodwill in St. Charles Sunday after making my first trip to the Wentzville Flea this year.  It was a great day for the flea market and I did pretty good both there and at the Goodwill.  Can you believe that this didn't get destroyed going through the donation process?


The hanger is on a short end so it's "supposed" to hang in the portrait position but I'm going to move it

so that it hangs in the landscape arrangement.  It think it looks much more dramatic this way.  I just can't

get over the patience it must have taken to create this.  No way could I pull that off.  I'll take mine in

finished condition please.


It strikes me that these are the common man's artistic expression of the '70s the way that Paint By

Numbers were in the '50s and maybe '60s.  Perhaps they overlapped, I'm no expert by any means. 

This particular piece harkens to the amazing Spirograph.  Remember those?  You could create some

pretty cool patterns with those.  Ah, those were simpler times, weren't they?  Lite Brite was fun too.


I'd love to find a really cool BIG one of these.  Something truly expressive.  Maybe like this one...or

maybe this one.  Pretty cool huh!  I totally wish I had it in me to make these myself, but I know I'd just

never get any of them done.  No patience.


  1. diana in chicagoMay 16, 2013 at 9:12 AM

    Oooh, that string art is REALLY cool! Nice find, sir.

  2. That's a beauty! Other than the fish, that graces my logo, I have only found damaged string art and none of those pieces would have come close to the piece you found. I also lile the landscape position, it is much more dynamic

  3. i just made a huge one of these over the weekend on an old door i had laying around. really fun project that only took a few hours to complete. and most of that was just figuring out the math!