Saturday, May 25, 2013

Z'at Look Dangerous To Anyone Else? Makes Me Wonder If Anyone Has Ever Had To Have A Kromex Serving Dish Removed From Their Body At The Emergency Room. Full Body Shivers Aside, I Removed This One And A Nice Lot Of Taylor Smith Taylor Jamaica Bay From The Goodwill. Status: No Stitches Necessary!


Every good super mod host / hostess should have a couple of pieces of Kromex in their arsenal of serving pieces.  In my humble opinion, this is probably the coolest style out there.  And as far as "attainable" dinnerware goes, I don't think you can get much cooler that Jamaica Bay.  It's just the right mix of Atomic and Tiki.  Never seen it?  Click through to see the newest lot to be added to my collection!


Whew!  That's a lot of dishes!  I really don't need any of this...and I REALLY don't need the loose

teacup saucers!  But you know how it goes, it's so hard to leave it behind at the thrift store.  As soon

as I leave those saucers behind I'll find the d*mn cups at the next trap.  I don't need that kind of fore-

head slapping, thanks.


The berry bowls and the oval platter were the stars of this catch.  Those you don't see every day.  Did

you know there are at least three different color combinations with different names that all share this same

decorative pattern?  I was under the impression there were only the Jamaica Bay and the Cathay line

(which adds a green circumferential line and pushes the pattern out to the edge of the plate) until just a

few days ago when a reader introduced me to Modern.  Modern, like the Cathay line, pushes the pattern

out to the edge of the plate and adds that circumferential line but that line and some of the color in the

pattern is a kind of brick redish orange.  Interesting?  I kinda think so.


How cool is this serving dish?  I've seen tons of platters and two / three tier tid bit service pieces but this

is the first time I've found one of these two level, four dish servers.  I love that it can be twisted together

for easier storage.  This will be coming out at our next party me thinks.  It's just too cool to let go

least right away! 

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  1. I had two Kromex servers in that style (a double and a triple) that didn't survive the move. They were in perfect condition...but they literally got kicked to the curb because I didn't have a place for them in my new apartment, and my daughter didn't want them. If I had known you were coming to Canton, I would have saved them for you. (We put a TON of stuff, including several pieces of furniture, at the curb in that temporary insanity caused by moving fatigue. I'm sure we made a lot of vintage lovers happy though.)