Friday, May 17, 2013

Ever Wonder How You Get "Ahead" In This Vintage Modern Craziness? Well, Finding "A Head" At The Flea Market Can't Hurt! Status: Flea Finds On Friday!


It wasn't cheap (or maybe it was and my cheap meter is out of whack) but I wasn't finding much else and I wasn't coming home empty handed.  The seller said he had sold a dozen or so in the previous weeks but this one was his last.  I was happy to relieve him of it!


Wait, are we seeing double?  Wait, are we seeing double?  I guess we kind of are!  Having picked up

the black glass head, that made two.  Then I found a second (third actually - one got picked up by

a buyer from my booth at The Green Shag) syphon bottle to match my original back here in the bar. 

These two pieces and the Flowery Painted Jacobsen Series 7 chair were about it for this guy, though

I did snatch up a cool antique bench seat for Mom-tomic...after all, it was Mothers's Day!


The top of the two detail photos above is the Syphon bottle from my collection where as the lower one

is the "new" bottle.  It's got a little more wear and tear but still is a very nice looking find.  It'll be headed to

the shop soon where it will join lots of Dorothy Thorpe style and Southern Comfort barware that I have 

available there.  Of the two in the first photo you can see that the one in front (my personal piece) has a

much more faded red fill line.  None of these vintage pieces are ever perfect.


Speaking of imperfections...check out the big "slag" line in the original head that I already had!  Brain

surgery?  Maybe so, I looked...there's nothing inside.  The new one is just ever so slightly shorter

than my first and as such it'll be taking it's place in the foyer display area.  The original, you may have

noticed, has been located under a clear plexiglass (or whatever) display that I then have a lamp on top

of.  Unfortunately it was just a hair taller than the space provided by the plexi display and it was never

stable.  The new head, although less interesting having no big crazy slag scar, is just short enough to fit

under the display without contact.  Done deal!  Now I just have to figure out where to put the other.

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  1. I have a similar glass head but in clear glass, have had it for at least30 years. I keep my graduation hat on it =)