Monday, May 27, 2013

This Weekend Was More About Shifting Merch Than Epic Acquisitions, But I Did Find A Couple Little Goodies. Status: Thrifty Goodness.


Wow, what a weekend. I took a couple extra days of (Thursday and Friday) to make it a nice little five day mini-vacation. Of course I'm gonna scour the thrifts the whole time and as per usual, very little turned up. Seems like when I have the time to really make the rounds there's just not much to be had.


But, hey...I'm not complaining!  Two fireplaces and two dining sets found new forever homes!  I can

live with that.  That seems to be the way it goes.  Either things are really moving out or things are really

coming in.  This little own came in about a week ago but I kept overlooking him.  I've got a thing for

owls lately, but they can't be just any old owl...they have to have a certain look.  It's a look that I have a

hard time putting into words, but I know it when I see it.  This guy has said look.


I came so close to passing on this pair of harlequin mirrors today, but I've been having pretty good luck

with items like this over at the shop in St. Charles.  The vintage modern stuff I base my offerings on is

kind of an anomaly in Frenchtown so I pick up some more vintage / antique items as well to help balance

out my wares.  I'm thinking that I'll be shooting those frames with a rattle can of probably bright shiny

white.  I could just leave them gold and they would sell, but I want to give them a little POP.


This was the best find of the weekend.  How cool is this magazine catch all? This one is headed to

The Green Shag Market just as soon as I can gather up a few more items to bundle up and take

down there.  Room is at a premium at both venues.  I hate the idea of over cluttering tables and such. 

I know when I browse a booth at an antique mall, seeing a table with lots of stuff on it makes me

hesitate pulling it out to buy.  How about you?  Any antique mall pet peaves?

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