Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gawsh...Another Freestanding Fireplace? You Betcha! This One's A Genuine Malm And - BONUS! - Looks Like A Robot! Status: Daytrip Booty / Already Gone.


This fantastic Malm "Diamond Fire" fireplace came from the Springfield Il craigslist.  I was surprised that it didn't get scooped up before I was able to get up there and buy it myself.  I was hoping to pick a set of stacking bentwood and chrome steel dining chairs while up there but it just didn't work out.  Oh well, can't win 'em all.


This little guy is in great shape.  The previous owner had cleaned it all up and shot it with a fresh coat of

hi-temp black, giving this a like new look.  Unlike the yellow Majestic I showed you a couple days ago

this unit is not gas fired.  No no...only good ol' wood will do for this baby!  I bet it puts out some pretty

efficient heat too, given it's shape.


The seller told me he had purchased this fireplace new way back in the 80s.  Malm no longer offers this,

the Diamond Fire model, in it's line up.  It's nice that the original fire screen and log grate are intact since

both would be difficult to replace.  The fire screen, well it's obvious why that'd be hard to find but the log

grate is more or less fitted to the space inside the body.


Now I just gotta find some room for this in one of my venues!  Such is the pitfalls of a good weekend

checking the traps.  Too much of a good thing and all that.  Believe me...I'm SO not complaining.  There

are weeks where the well seems pretty dry and I'm glad that there are plenty of projects on the back

burner.  Next project...make room for some of this new stuff somewhere!  Three (and one swing and

a miss) for Five.


  1. Too bad you're so far away. That would look good on our patio!

  2. I have a malm diamond model c cant find any info onit