Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Craigslist Wasn't My Only Shopping Venue This Weekend. We Also Made The Trek To The Wentzville Flea Market Where I Got A Good Deal On This Fabulous Brass Top Spider Table. Status: Available.


I love these tables.  I don't think that they were intended to elicit the response they get from the Eames era / mid-century crowd but it's those lovely sculptural legs that get us.  This particular piece has much darker legs and a smaller top than the others that I've had, but it's in excellent shape...and it's available!


We got a terribly late start on Sunday after having been up very late at the Sky View Drive in.  Iron Man

3 was great but I would have been happy skipping OZ The Great & Powerful.  Alas, we stayed for

the whole 2 hour yawnfest.  I had an appointment to look at a Broyhill Brasilia dining table from craigslist

at 10am that I passed on, then I had to drop by The Green Shag to pick up my camera tripod.  After all

that and a 40 minute drive to Wentzville, we arrived at the flea market around 11:45.  Real, real late.  Lots

of vendors started packing up within minutes of our arrival.  We had to shop fast.


Actually, we didn't worry about it and strolled through the flea market.  It was a lovely day and we were

just out to have some fun and hope to maybe find some bargains among the dregs.  As it turned out...our

"plan" was a success!  Because it was late in the day (I'm guessing) the seller was ready to let this go for

my offer.  If you've ever sold at a flea market you understand.  Packing all that stuff back up is so demora-

lizing.  Taking it off their hands might not have made their day but it sure did make mine...and it was one

less thing for them to pack back up and take home.


It didn't come with the glass top shown above.  That's just something I had laying around and thought I'd

see what it would look like.  Not too shabby but the base really isn't strong enough to support that much

weight with the necessary stability, but a smaller glass top would be fine I'm sure.  Alas, I'll be offering it

only with the brass top...any takers?


  1. My grandmother had that coffee table! (now my aunt has it)I have never seen another one with the brass tray, just a few with glass tops. Ive also seen smaller end tables that match. Very Nice!!

  2. Super cool! I've seen those around a bit, but never in good shape. Glad you got a good deal!

  3. I've got an old magazine with an advert for those! They're terrific! I like it best with the glass top!