Sunday, April 1, 2012

ANOTHER Beautiful Vintage Lamp! Same Estate Sale Last Weekend But This One Was In The Basement. Status: Lucky Me!


I know...Deja Vu!  Didn't I Just post about a lamp a few days ago?  Yup.  AND they both came from the same South City estate sale.  Coincidence?  I Don't Think So.

That's the thing about estate sales.  If you see one good piece, there's bound to be more!  The

first of these two lamps was out on the back (enclosed) porch of the south side bungalow while

this particular lamp was down stairs in the semi-finished (nice bar / rumpus room) basement.


I did manage to score a couple of good items at the other estate sale last weekend that I showed

up early for and waited to open but I kinda wish that I had hit the sale that I pulled this lamp from

a little earlier. There were at least some neat retro Formica topped living room tables with cool

handles and I imagine there might have been plenty more. Who knows.


I love these vintage "genie bottle" shape lamps.  But, do I need more lamps?  Nope.  I got plenty. 

Could I stop myself from this one or any more?  Not a chance.  I got no self control!  So I'll be

updating my ads shortly to include some of these newly acquired items that have found their way

into the Modtomic Ranch (or the "Lily" pad).


Isn't that some lovely blue, green and antique brass?  Much like the first lamp this one is in

absolutely excellent condition, top to bottom.  I'm so glad the previous owners kept these so nice. 

I hope someone is looking for a pair of like new vintage '60s table lamps around here! 

Cuz I got's 'em!


  1. Green is my fav colour, nice score. They glaze slightly resembles "Blue Mountain Pottery" that was made here in Ontario.

    1. Hi David. I was kinda surprised that it hadn't been snatched at the sale. It wasn't too pricey, especially considering what these go for in the retro shops!

  2. Oh, that is a gorgeous lamp. The shape and the color, oh the color, make it a real beauty.

    1. Hi bopfish. Oh...go on! You're just easily smitten by the lamps!

  3. I got a great minty pair of woven hoop chairs from the basement at that sale, but had to pass on these lamps to stay on budget!

    1. Hi Nathan. I know what you mean. I have TWO budgets to watch: A. Dough...scratch..bread, greenbacks, dallarooskis... B. Garage space.