Saturday, April 7, 2012

Got Art? This Ain't The Golden Gate But If You Go To San Fran. This Is About How It Looks Through All The Fog! Status: Real Oils!


I'm pretty sure this is actually the Bay Bridge.  I think we musta crossed this a half dozen times last week when we were in the area.  I don't know...there are so many bridges around San Fransisco and they're building more.  Anyway, this one of a pair of very nice Mod oil paintings that I've got "hanging" around.


I gotta give the frame on this one a little rub down with some Howards.  It's not too rough to

keep but it's not perfect either.  Rustic...that's the word.  Shabby?  Shabby....something else...

word?  No...not the "C" word!   Looks good either way.  Seems like this style / technique of

painting held on to popularity from the '60s through the '80s and even today?  I guess it's just

a form of impressionism but it seems so Mod to me.  Not sure exactly why that is and I could

never describe in words what it is about these painting that separates them from so many others.


28 years is old enough to be Vintage Modern, right?  I can't make heads or tails of that signature. 

I guess the artist took that "impressionism" technique pretty seriously.  You know...I haven't found

a lot of these type painting or prints at the thrift stores lately.  Seems like I used to.  Do you find

them being harder to come by as well?


This second painting has been hanging around here for a while. I've just never gotten around

to showing it off! I love love looooove the colors and Chinese Junks are totally cool. It's

unfortunate that somebody put glass over it and squashed the texture a little bit.


I started to remove the glass but it was kinda stuck and I didn't want to push my luck. So it

stays. I'm sure admirers will think I'm an idiot for putting glass over it but that's just the price

I'll have to pay to enjoy having it on my wall.

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  1. I have also found it more difficult to come by nice mid century art. It seems I used to pick up a nice painting once a week and now I'm excited to find one a month.