Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hit The Estate Sale Circuit This Morning. Picked Up A Nice Set Of Folding Chairs And A Coaster Set. Status: Rainy Day Scores.


I've seen lots of these folding "card table" chairs at estate sales and thrift stores over the years but haven't ever been possessed of the desire to buy them...until this set!  These are quality and have a certain style to them that elevates them above just folding chair status.  But that's not all I picked up...and it wasn't what I sat outside the sale all night for.

Yup, Mr. Modtomic pulled an all nighter.  I showed up stupid early only to find myself second in

line to a Mr. Modtomic reader who purchased and refinished (to amazing effect) a danish lounge

chair from me
.  We were both there for the same thing...sorta.  There was (and probably still is)

a Drexel Declaration dining set at the sale.  The pictures on the web were so poor that I almost

didn't recognize the set...and I was counting on no one else recognizing it either!  But an avid

reader did, and got there even more stupid early that I!  The good news was he was really only

after the buffet / credenza and I would have been happy to leave with just the table and chairs...

for the right price.  We both left empty handed.  The sellers wouldn't split the set and had priced

it far above either of our comfort zones.  I'm hoping that my new friend is able to go back

Sunday and get it for a better price.  I'm pretty resigned to be out of the running and am not too

dissappointed as I just picked up a Drexel Declaration set a few weeks ago
.  There's always

other stuff out there begging for my attention!


So I had to be satisfied with picking up the folding chair set and a great little set of coasters in a

walnut holder with cap.  Not anything I would have sat up all night for but at least I was hanging

out with good company.  Nick even showed up at about 5:30am thinking he might throw his hat

in the ring for the Drexel set.  Lucky bastard got to go home and hit the hay instead!  But he did

show of a pretty cool Davenport style sofa that he is selling on criagslist.  It does have that thrift

store aroma (that I'm sure would dissipate)  but it looks like it's been recently re-upholstered

and it looked really nice.  It's got the Modtomic seal of approval!  I recommend checking it out

if you need such a piece.


So I stayed up all night for the above lot of loot.  At least I didn't leave totally dejected.  I really

dig the folding chairs.  I'll put them on c-list but I'll be glad to keep them as extra party seating!

They are so compact yet as super sturdy as non-folding chairs!  And coasters...don't get me

started on coasters again!  No idea what the "M" in the movie ticket shape thing is though.  It's

only on two of the glass coasters and the other four have silver rims like Dorothy Thorpe glasses.

Anyway, after taking a long nap I did manage to further salvage the day by scoring some good

stuff off c-list and at a little junk shop on the way home from that.  And it stopped raining.  Nice.


  1. Well, you got some nice consolation prizes anyway. What was up with those pictures? It's as if they purposely took them that way.

    I was kinda glad that I got a chance to get back and get some sleep. It was sorely needed. Sorry the sale didn't work out.

    And thanks for the link. The sofa is available as of right now. I've got a few interested parties coming to see it this afternoon, so if any Mr. Mod readers are interested in a great deal on a retro sofa, get in there quick!

    1. Hi Nick. And thanks for the heads up on the other sale. I dropped by but everything that was worth looking at was crazy expensive priced! Hope you are able to find a new home for that sofa. It sure is a nice one! Good eye.

  2. which sale was this one? I went to the one in the big house with the white carpet in Crestwood and the one in Affton / Sappington area that had those bullhorns and some retro chairs.

    1. Hi Rachel. This sale was in the St. Peters area. I didn't hit either of the ones you mentioned. Did you happen to see the one that started on Friday in Columbia Il. with the four amazing starburst clocks? I was going to go to that one but decided to go "all in" on the this sale...much to my chagrin. But oh well, that's how it goes sometimes.

    2. I didn't see that one! I however did check out the sale at the Art Deco Fortress, and they had a nice starburst but it was missing one of the arms. If you'd happen to know where you can get replacement starbursty sections, I know she still has the clock and I'd definitely pick it up from her.

      I did snag these speakers though:

  3. Those are awesome folding chairs. They are perfect as you said for extra party seating or extras at a dining room table that are a lot classier than folding metal chairs. My parents had a similar set when I was growing up that they pulled out for bridge parties and extra seating at our dining room table when needed. I really did the truly modern look of yours though.
    I'm a sucker for coaster sets too, especially when they come in a great danish modern holder like yours. The M can be for Mr. Modtomic, eh?

    1. Hi Rock/Cent. Yes! "M" for Modtomic! Sweet, I can't believe I didn't come up with that. Fail!

  4. The story continues... I went back yesterday afternoon and then again this morning. I was able to negotiate with the estate people and needless to say I came home with the buffet, MOST EXCELLENT!! Nice score with the coasters and folding chairs. I was so focused on the buffet I didn't see much else.
    Let us not forget that I was the one who was asked if I was Mr. Modtomic.... I couldn't have such lofty goals.
    To the real Mr. Modtomic, thanks for your help and the company.
    Nick, it was nice to meet you. The pics looked that way because the house was past the full mark.

    1. Hey Ray. Good to meet you too. I'll probably see you around at the estate sales sometime. Good hunting!

    2. Hi Ray. That was kinda cool when that fella asked if you were Mr. Modtomic! Thanks for keeping my identity secret! The mystery lives on! Anyway, much like "The Captain"...there's a little Mr. Modtomic in all of us, isn't there?