Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh Dang. Not Only Did I Misspell "Ohmega" Of Ohmega Salvage The Other Day... Status: Fixed And Fixed.


Yup...messed up the name, but I fixed it!  And on top of that, I didn't realize the joint just across the street was ALSO Ohmega Salvage!  I thought they were two different businesses that just happen to have similar stuff.  The thing is...the first place (on the west side of the street) has much nicer it was an easy mistake to make!  Wanna take a quick look around?


One of the first things I ever sold on craigslist was a fixture EXACTLY like this! I'd have brought

this one home too if I could have. There were tons of less flashy but still very vintage retro fixtures

available.  It's kind of a shame that this stuff sits outside.


Just look at what the weather has done to this Hans Olsen / Frem Rojle chair (sadly, just like the 

set I found at the Goodwill a few weeks ago). I don't think there's enough Danish Oil at the

hardware store to save this one! Well, maybe...but that rope is probably done for. Then there

is that white steel cabinet. Harmony House Customatched Kitchens from Sears Roebuck and

Co. Cool handles, right?


Yup, mucho bathroom fixtures. Need to replace that chipped blue, pink or yellow vintage tank

lid? Ohmega has you (and your tank!) covered...ah cha cha chaaahhh. It's nice that there are

places that can find a way to keep their doors open and still stock stuff that us crazy lovers of

the vintage might need one day to fix or restore our joint!


There are a few "sheds" on the property that help keep some of the stuff out of the rain and sun

but looking at those chair legs...either they weren't always under the roof or the roof didn't help!

Do those look like Knoll Saarinen legs to you too? Shame. That dining table looks pretty nice.

Not sure of a manufacturer. Looks like Lane to me. If there had been a pair of candle sconces

like the one pictured I probably would have purchased them and figured out a way to get them



I left the single candle sconce behind but I did find this very nice Russel Wright plastic serving

dish there. I figured I would be able to stuff this at least in my carry on bag to bring home and I

was just barely able to! I guess I could have left some t-shirts or socks behind and brought more

stuff home...but that would be like ADMITTING to having a problem!


  1. There's always the "pack up a box and ship it home solution". I know we tend to take this route when we fly out of town. Almost never fails we find something that's worth the postage!!

  2. Hi A Mod. I'd be such a hypocrite if I did that! I don't know if I could live with myself.