Monday, April 9, 2012

If You Are In The Oakland Area (Like We Were A Couple Weeks Back) Check Out Uhuru Furniture And Collectibles. Status: Tiny But Packed Full!


Lots of times, when I'm looking for a comparable or an ID on a particular piece of furniture, I run across pictures from Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles. They get some great stuff and sell it for pretty cheap!

Uhuru Furniture and Collectibles is an organization that helps the African Peoples Education and

Developement Fund.  Nice!  But if you're reading this you're at least as interested in what they

gots in that shop.


Well, actually a lot of what they have "in" that shop will likely be out on the sidewalk!  I guess the

shop must look a lot like the Modtomic Garage when they close up for the day because the shop

is pretty packed even with all that extra out there in front!


And like any second hand shop, it's going to be a little different each time you drop by.  They

probably have a pretty good turnover.  While I was there one of the employees was steady on

the phone leaving messages about that white leather lounge chair for many perspective buyers. 

Turns out buyers can leave a "wish list" and Uhuru will call when they get something in that gets

close or matches.  But I'm thinking you gotta respond quick because they were leaving LOTS

of messages!


While we were in the Oakland / Bay area this little Nissan was our rental.  It was fun and spunky. 

Probably good on gas too but it was hard to see out the back windows.  Not sure I'd want one

permanently.  But it was fun.


Our flight in was mostly uneventful except for a little delay in Denver where they had to change

our plane and then we had to wait a little longer because of weather in SFO. It was still raining

when we arrived. Made for a bumpy landing.


Anyway, back to Uhuru! While these might not be midwest thrift store prices they certainly are

reasonable! Those are some nice love seats! The Girlfriend planted herself on one while I milled

about inside taking pictures.



So it wasn't a gold mine of Vintage Modern the day we managed to stop by but if you look

through their blog (link above) you'll see that they do get some great stuff in.  I've seen lots of

their pictures on line of all kinds of cool stuff.


Do you know how hard going to all these candy shops was for Mr. Modtomic and NOT getting

to bring home all the goodies? It was tough. I don't recommend it! If you visit, Drive! Seeing

America from a plane is neat and all, but it's not as fun as driving and you can buy all the crap

that'll fit in your back seat and trunk!


  1. Oooh, I need one of those glass fronted hutches! And those prices are cheapity cheap cheap! Nice!

    1. Hi Diana. They did have some good stuff and yup, the prices were right! I wish there was an Uhuru around here to add to my list of "traps"!

  2. There's also an Uhuru in Philadelphia right next to where I used to work. It isn't as sweet as the one you posted, but they get some good deals sometimes.

    I guess those are the only two locations.

    1. Hi Rachel. Gah! Lucky Philly! Another Salvation Army opened up near me and I thought "how cool to have TWO SalvArmys near me!" only to be informed that the old one closed. It just moved locations basically. Darnit.

  3. I stop in every time I visit my parents which is quite often. I thought only the neighborhood knew about this place. Now you've let the cat out of the bag. How does Mr Modtomic find the cool places to shop?

    1. Hi Anonymous. I hope I didn't ruin it for you! Mr. Modtomic has a pretty good nose for these things. I'm like a pig with the truffles!