Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anybody Looking For An American Of Martinsville Dining Table And Couple Of Chairs? Status: Just Listed.

image 0

I just spotted this nice little set on craigslist for $65. I'm at my fill for dining sets (got like 5 or 6 complete sets!) and I did just score the McCobb piece. So here ya go!  Link inside.

A few weeks ago Nick, his buddy, the Girlfriend, myself and a few dealers waited outside a west county estate sale that had a nice American Of Martinsville dining suite. I know there are a few folk here in the StL. area who are into and collect A of M specifically. This ad doesn't have any of the key words so ya might have missed it.


  1. Thanks for finding this Craigslist gem!! I've been on the look out for a dining set deal for a while and jumped on this one. I am very excited!! Thank you!!

  2. Hi Peej. Yer Welcome. I was wondering if anybody was going to snatch this! I was HOPING someone was going to snatch this! Otherwise...I'd have to snatch this.