Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Anonymous Comment On The Urban Ore Posting Mentioned Ohmega Salvage...Of Course, I Got Some Pics Of That Great Berkeley Resourse As Well! Status: Documented.


This place has some really beautiful vintage home restoration salvaged goods.  If you are anywhere near by and are engaged in a restoration or retro-renovation this place should be on your short list.  If they ain't got it, it looks like they might be able to find it.


The first thing you'll notice upon entering the lot is all the lovely '50s and '60s complete bathroom

sets available!  Oh sure, there's lots of other standard white sets, but why bother?  Color baby...



Don't they just make your mouth water for some skittles or M&Ms?  What's wrong with

the world that you can only find color like this in used fixtures and appliances?  Makes a

Modtomitrist shake his head.  I guess you can at least buy a new washer and dryer in fun pretty

colors.  There is THAT at least.


There's lots of good stuff inside too.  Not just restoration items, but furniture and smalls!

Wouldn't those vintage Seeburg jukebox extension speakers be great as surround speaker

housings in a vintage theater inspired media / movie room?!  I myself have a pair of drive in

movie speakers from the Skyview (in Belleville Il.) that I'm going to someday polish up and

place new components into for surround speakers.  And how about those Tropitan Paul Frankl

style (maybe the real deal for all I know!) stepped end tables.  Mr. Modtomic is going on a

mission to bring the Tiki back!


Oooookay...Somebody really liked burgundy velour.  But at least it looks like Omega got it all!

I think I saw on the tag that the upper set was Broyhill but I'm not sure.  I'm utterly smitten with

the pair in the second row and the last single kinda looks like the set that I just cleaned up, no?

Note even the items behind and beside the chairs are also available salvaged materials.


Does that "sale" tag on that Heywood Wakefield dining armchair really say $62?  What a deal!

Oh's 'cuz it ain't got the burgundy velour upholstery.  Ahhh...  This shop isn't that big and

I think there is another location just up the street with more but like the anonymous tipster said

the other day, there are a number of joints up and down this street worth your time if, like Mr.

Modtomic, you like to hunt for your treasure instead of having it handed to you on a platter! 

Ohmega Salvage - 2400 and 2407 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley CA 94702-2010.



  1. Dang! I'm totally digging those speakers! Do you recall how much they were? We have an actual drive in speaker that a pal rigged up for us to use as a speaker - we've actually hung it on the shower curtain rod when we've had parties - no room should be without the soothing sounds of Luxuria Music or the Illinois Street Lounge on! Mod Betty is a tiki lover too - I scored a great set of 3 band rattan over the summer, can't wait to get a screen porch built so we can use it!

    1. Hi Mod Betty. I think the speakers were like $450 for the set. Kinda pricey. But then, they are probably pretty hard to find. We ARE gonna bring the Tiki / Rattan back!

  2. OMG OMG! *Lavender* bathroom fixtures? Be still, my heart! I've never seen such a thing, and now I shall never be entirely happy until I have it. Damn you, Mr. Modtomic!