Sunday, April 8, 2012

Here's A Little Update On What's At Vandeventer Vintage...But These Pics Are 'Bout 2 Weeks Old So.... Status: Stale(ish)?


Just before we hit the friendly skies to visit central Cali. we stopped by Gus' shop Vandeventer Vintage.  I just wanted to say hi and see how things were going as well as see what new items he had on the floor.  He's been busy.  Lots of great new stock litters the joint!



I feel a little remiss for not getting to this post earlier.  Who knows if any of these fine vintage modern items are still available.  But at least we can see that Gus is keeping the shop well stocked with cool stuff, right?  He keeps an eclectic style available.  Too bad he's only open two days a week though, right!



Nice matched set of Pearsall tables.  If I didn't already have my perfect set of living room tables I would have been doing some wheelin' and dealin' to get those.  And that desk below is a real "one of a kind".  I love it.  I wish I needed a desk. 





  1. Did you go in the basement? I went there early on Friday because I saw on their flickr a photo from 3/28 of a wonderful piece.

    I snatched up the beautiful tomato red vinyl two piece sectional with the funky pattern, plus pillows, plus matching curtains, plus two matching end tables, one being a table lamp.

    I must say, their pricing on retro items, especially if they aren't designer or marked is extremely reasonable, I was quite impressed with the bargain. I almost bought an orange vinyl day bed from TFA a week ago, which was on sale for $225 down from $400, and I got so much more for only a little bit more at Vandeventer Vintage! If this was at TFA, they'd probably be charging around $800-1000 for the couch set alone.

    Plus, they were so nice and helped us get it out of the basement!

    1. Hi Anony. No doubt, you totally have to check that bargain basement! Just like estate Sales! Glad you found some good stuff and had help getting it out of that basement.

  2. So much eye candy in this post! I'm dying to switch out my living room furniture and am sad this store isn't closer to me.

    1. Hi Leilani. You should get a truck (or wagon like our Frank or Tinkerbell!) and make a weekend trip down here! If you buy the right stuff I'm sure it'll be worth your time and effort.

  3. Nice pics...I totally love the Pearsall tables as well as most everything else. Makes me wish I lived a bit closer...

    1. Hi A Mod. Yep, those Pearsalls are pretty lust worthy! I wish you lived a bit closer too! I'd be over bugging you about refinishing all sorts of Hey / Wake! There's and Airflow bedroom set on craigslist that's been redone in a dark stain... ::sigh::