Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mr. Modtomic Is A Great Big Ol' Wine-O So It Goes Without Saying That No Trip To Cali. Is Complete Without A Visit To Sonoma. Status: Napa Was Two Years Ago.


We made a little random road trip up through the Sonoma wine area north of San Fran while out west.  Unfortunately it was a cloudy day but at least it was mid week and there were absolutely No crowds!

Ain't that a beautiful vintage farm tractor?  It's a Porsche!  I couldn't resist taking some beauty

shots of it.  How much fun would it be to take a hay ride in the California wine country on a

warm summer evening?  Too bad this little guy looks like a static display piece.


I feel so bad that I can't remember the name of any of these wineries.  I guess that's what

happens after a few glasses of Chardonnay (Mr. Mod's personal fave).  I'm pretty sure I could

figure out the names if I were really pressed.  I think this one is the J & D Vineyards but

don't quote me on that.


This place I do remember. It's called Artesa and had wonderful (but pricey) Chardonnay. I loved

all the "public" art that littered the grounds. It was all very contemporary. There is even a Mark di

Suvero piece stuck way way out on the grounds far away from the main building. No idea what

that was about but I recognized the style since there is a Mark di Suvero in the City Garden right

here in St. Louis.


Inside the Artesa vineyards there was more art of all kinds as well as these beautiful and

comfortable "pub" tables sets.  I love the aluminum and wood (birch?) tripod chairs.  The

people in the background?  They're partaking of the wine tasting.  The fella in the light blue

jeans bought a case and was part of some sort of Artesa wine club.  I could see that!  They

gots some tasty libations here.


As we were leaving Artesa we spotted the gaggle of Turkeys.  Check out the males struttin'

their stuff for the ladies! 


  1. Beautiful pictures. Especially like the one of the turkey butts! And those chairs are killer. Thanks for taking us along to San Fran and Sonoma Valley!

    1. Hi HT. Oh...if only I could take everybody along with me! We would have had a GOOD time!

  2. Love that brutalist piece in the water. Stunning...and those pubs sets are very cool as well!!

    1. Hi A Mod. That copper piece was huge! I would have liked to get a close up of the di Suvero piece too.