Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Having Taken The Weekend "Off" I Didn't Hit Any Flea Markets Last Weekend...But I Did The Weekend Before! Status: The Loot!


It was not an epic haul Flea Market visit, but I still managed to suss out the good stuff.  I was really only stopping there since I had to pick up a coffee table nearby anyway, so score or no...I was coming home with the goods one way or the other!


Yup, another piece of Fire-King to ad to the Salem Biscayne collection!  I've got tons of this

pattern and I've even got numerous pieces of this bakeware too.  If it's priced right I can't resist it! 

Anybody else collect Salem Biscayne?  I think it just screams Retro '50s!


These two unmarked Russel Wright / Steubenville teacups were a steal since the seller really

didn't care what they were.  They were just sitting on a table surrounded by other various

what-not.  No price or anything.  Make offer they said.  For a two bucks these Seafoam pretties

were mine.


This Russel Wright Steubenville salad bowl IS marked on the bottom but is only just barely

visible to the naked eye and even more elusive to photography.  I love the deep rich color.  I'm

pretty sure it's called Black Chutney.  Even the name is deep and rich!


And this Coco Joes Tiki was my favorite score of the day. Another Coco Joe's to ad to the

collection. This fella looks deeply saddened to have been separated from the lovely islands. 

Sorry buddy, it's rough all over.  At least the cost of living in the Mid West is super low!


  1. Shoulda stayed in town this weekend. There were some great estate sales!

    1. Hi Nick. Who? You or me? Where'd you go? I was here!

  2. I've got some polka bowls and mugs that are Hazel Atlas or Anchor Hocking(can't remember) and some plaid pattern mugs from one of those two makers. The girlfriend is a huge collector of original Fiesta(and some newer but not new). Do you see much of the "Ironstone Broadhurst" with designs by Kathie Winkle? Comes from England with nice mid century patterns, I see it around and am torn on whether I want to start collecting for resale as it always seems to be priced right around the high end. Regardless I dig the patterns. Nice clour on the teacups, I had a 1965 Buick for a while in Seafoam green, I should add that in my blog one day.

    1. POLKA "DOT" BOWLS not Polka as in accordion music and plenty of beer. Have to remember to spell check.

    2. Hi David. I've never heard of the Ironstone Broadhurst before. I looked at it just now though on the interwebs and I probably have seen it from time to time at the thrift stores and passed on it. I'm more a fan of matt finish dinnerware (but of course there are always exceptions). I'll have to watch out for it now!

    3. The Broadhurst Ironstone(late1940s-1970s)line of Kathie Winkle designs has mostly geomtric shapes and not much of the flowery ones. I don't like the flowers and feel kinda meh about the geometric ones. But something catches my eye whenever I see the "Rushtone" pattern. Think I'll keep my eye on them for awhile.