Saturday, April 21, 2012

OK, This Has ZERO To Do With Modtomitry, But It's Kinda Mid Century And Vintage Reproduction! Status: Laugh It Up - St. Louis Stoogey Style!

3 Stooges

You've no doubt heard about or have seen the previews for the new Three Stooges movie.  I'm no movie critic, and it might turn out to be really good...but if you want authenticity in your reproduction, check out this short put together by my good friend Kevin (as Curly) and other hard working St. Louis improv actors.

My buddy Kevin is always involving himself with this kind of craziness.  This time it kind of impressed me!  He is part of a St. Louis improve comedy group: The (Arch) Rivals.  In this Fan Film Short he plays a mean Curly!  Please, if you enjoy the film, show your appreciation by leaving a "Like" and or a comment on Youtube.


  1. Okay. Your "Curly" is the only one that is true to original of the three in this remake. Kudos to him!
    As a kid I used to watch Slam Bang Theater (out of Ft. Worth, Texas) everyday after school. They always showed one or two Three Stooges episodes. They were the best! Even though it took me a long while to accept Shep as a replacement for Curly.
    I won't pay to go to see the new movie in the theater. I'll wait for the Red Box rental and... maybe I'll watch it.
    Slightly concerned about affecting my childhood memories. Which begs the question. Does everything need to be remade? Why can't originals be re-released? In their true form.

    I remember when my kids first discovered music that was "new" to them but I had to educate them that is was a cover of a band from years before. It was incredulous to them but, once they heard the original recordings they had a better appreciation for it. The same could be true for old movies.
    Gotta keep the originals alive, Man!

    1. Hi Kathryn. I can remember "discovering" songs as a teenager only to find out that they were covers or remakes of previous hits. "Dancing In The Streets" immediately comes to mind. I grew up with the Van Halen (and the embarrassing Bowie / Jagger) version but it was originally recorded by Martha and the Vandellas in 1964. Now days it's eye rolling funny to hear a new "hit" song that was originally released when I was a teenager! I also would love to see a classic movie and it's contemporary played together like a double feature at the theaters...maybe at the Skyview Drive In in Belleville Illinois!