Friday, April 20, 2012

Deja Vu...Or A Second Chance At Love? My Last Overman Now Lives In New Orleans. Status: Orangey Goodness.


This Overman swivel chair and ottoman popped up on craigslist Sunday night at 9:54pm and by 11:30 it was here at the Modtomic Ranch.  I had spotted AND replied to the ad within 13 minutes of being posted.  Just got lucky.  I did an open search of all StL craigslist and it had JUST been listed.

It might seem kinda nuts to drive 20 miles at 10pm on a Sunday night in the rain...up hill.....both

ways...just kidding about the hills...but the price was really REALLY right.  I wasn't sure that it

was an Overman set but didn't really care.  There aren't any tags left on this combo but a quick

look around the net ended any doubts I may have had.


If you look closely at the joint between the legs and the upright on the bases you'll see a plastic

collar or cover.  I spotted a couple of tagged Overmans on eBay with the same collar.  I didn't

know that Overmans ever had chrome steel bases either!  Both of the two I've had (still have

one out in the Garage that needs upholstery) have cast aluminum bases.


Yep, there are a couple of buttons missing from that ottoman.  No worries.  I'm thinking that I

can remove the two remaining and center them to turn a four button ottoman into a two button

ottoman.  At least the material around the missing buttons is still intact and undamaged.  Sound

like a good idea?

Overman Pod Chair 02Overman Pod Chair 04
DSCN8284Overman Pod Chair 03

This is the Overman that Kennedy (RIP) adopted as soon as I brought it in the house. It made

its way to a new home in New Orleans.  The light wasn't as good the day I shot these pictures

but I'm pretty sure that it's the same color, though a bit more faded.  Both are good looking

chairs, don't you think?  Note the different base.


Sadly, we no longer have Kennedy to model upon this new Overman. He is sadly missed but

never forgotten. If you've not been reading the adventures of Mr. Modtomic very long you may

not know much about our beloved Kitter Katters. Please take a moment to check out my

tribute to the best kittie cat 'round
.  The chair and ottoman need a little more cleaning up and I

might just be keeping them.  They are in such great shape and the Girlfriend loves the color.

Seems like I've been tuning over a lot of the more colorful items that I've acquired, like that

brilliant blue sectional sofa
.  I need to KEEP some color around here!


  1. That is a great looking chair/ottoman, and I agree, the color goes well with your stuff. One vote for keeping it!

    1. Hi Uncle A. Nothing is ever set in stone around here but it looks like I might be keeping it!

  2. No wonder why that seller never emailed me back! :) haha

    1. Hi Rachel. Sorry! It really just sorta fell in my lap! But remember, like both Nick and I always do....if there is a phone #, call. Always call!

    2. I've got phone phobia! I have been texting lately though. Oh well!

  3. Love these Overman chair and otto combos. They are really well made and stylish! I had a nice black leather one last year that soon went to a new home.

    1. Hi A Mod. I'm always so surprised at how light these are! Now I kinda wish I had kept the other orange one.

  4. That orange is luscious. No way I'd let it leave my house!

    1. Hi Becky. I find so much cool stuff that I'd have to have four houses to keep it all! But this is looking like a keeper. Might have to let the Baughman recliner go though.

  5. Orangey Goodness or Orange Crush? another nice score

    1. Hi David. Thanks! I'm certainly crushing on it.

  6. Nice find there Mr. Mod. Can't believe I missed that one. The base looks exactly like that Overman-style chair that I tried to pick up a few weeks ago, so perhaps that was a real one.

    1. Hi Nick. You, sir, are most probably correct. Even Mr. Modtomic is still learning new stuff and that some stuff he thought he knew might not be correct! Always gotta try and maintain that sense of humility.

  7. Looks fab. Very nice find indeed.