Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pop Up Retro Sale This Weekend! Don't Miss Out! Mr. Modtomic Dropped By Today But Didn't Have Time To Pillage. Status: Friday AND Saturday!


Last year the Girlfriend and I tried to find this Pop Up "Garage / Estate" Sale but had a little trouble finding it...then got side tracked at a hotel liquidation business where I picked up a couple of great tables.  But then the sale "Popped Up" again and again!  Well my has popped up again and I finally found my way there.


I didn't give myself enough time to Shoot the goods, Talk (talked WAY too much!) to the

proprietor AND Buy stuff for myself.  My loss could be your gain!  I'll probably stop by again

Saturday some time so if you happen to make it by you might get a chance to meet Mr.

Modtomic in PERSON!  I Know!  WOW, right?  I'll be signing body parts and kissing babies...

NO No no...just kidding.  But I'll probably drop in, for realz.


You should go anyway.  There's LOTS of great stuff there!  It's INSIDE so the shoppin' is going

down rain or shine.  And like the ads says...not just Inside, but air-conditioned!  Oh...but the zip

code isn't correct in the ad.  Click here to see a google map of the address.  Toni (the proprietor)

says she'll be slingin' the goods between 11am and 4pm both Friday and Saturday.


I barely got to scratch the surface of all the cool stuff here.  I just set up quick shots to give you,

my beloved readership, a little idea what to expect.  The content is very eclectic with plenty of

vintage modern to keep us 'round these parts pretty happy.  If you see anything in these photos

that you just HAVE to Have you might wanna call the phone number in the ad to see if it's still

available and if Toni could maybe put it aside for you.  She was as nice as could be so I can't

imagine that she wouldn't.  Otherwise you might just wanna get there as she opens up the doors

Friday morning.


I was hoping to get to this sale this morning as it opened but the lawn was about a foot tall and

the news was calling for rain off and on the next few days, so I had to mow. Then, 'cuz the grass

was pretty moist, I had to clean up the mower before storing it. Then, 'cuz I was in the zone and

rain was coming, I had to get the grass seed out so the dead spots might go away. I hope it was

worth it. I hope I didn't screw myself out of some great deal! I have a weird condition in that

when the camera comes out, the shopping switch clicks off. I hate looking at pics from far away

antique malls and see a photographed item with tag wondering why I hadn't brought it home.

This happens all to often. At least Toni's Pop Up sale isn't far away! Hope to see ya there.


  1. There's an estate sale I'm going to check out on Saturday, but I'll definitely go to this afterwards! How are the prices?

    1. Hi Rachel. It's hard to speculate about what one person or another will find either very reasonable or highly optimistic when it comes to used / vintage items. Unfortunately I didn't check prices much when I was shooting pics so I'm no help anyway, but Nick (see below) bought some Lane Acclaim tables at a very good price as I recall. I'm actually going to go back tomorrow morning (Friday) so I might bring a thing or two home myself.

    2. I just went and checked it out, nothing really jumped out at me but I got a piece of driftwood, some plastic birds, and two tiny pictures of ships.

      She asked me how I found out about the place, and I told her craigslist and your blog and she got really excited.

      She also said she thinks you're cute.

      Toni <3's Mr Modtomic. haha.

  2. Yeah, this place is pretty tough to find. It's in a non-desrcript little industrial building, which threw me off when I was looking for it. I actually got my Lane Acclaim living room tables and Plycraft chair from Toni last year.

    1. Hi Nick. That was the same day that we met! I remember you telling me later about getting the tables but I thought it was from an actual estate sale (that I didn't know kinda drove me a little crazy!).

  3. I bought a really cool cityscape from her a little while back. Right before you posted one from your trip to Alton. Negotiate with caution she is a little crazy, not totally, just a little.

    Just a tip, you have to enter from the northbound lane of Lindberg blvd, there isnt a way across the median headed southbound.

  4. Oh yeah,she does have cool stuff. I especially liked the really old poker table with the cupholders underneath the top. It just doesnt fit in my Mid Century decor.

    1. Hi johnny! Yeah, getting there isn't straight forward from the north. It's worth the hassle me thinks. I too am strangely attracted to that poker table! I think it's the "beer holders" tucked underneath!