Monday, April 2, 2012

Back In Town. Back To The Projects. Pulled The Frem Rhojl Set Out And Got Started. Status: It Has Begun.


You might remember this set of Hans Olsen for Frem Rojle danish dining chairs that I dropped a post about a few days back. I had just procured the set (from the localest of local Goodwills) and hadn't gotten a chance to so much as wipe them down. Well, I opened the Garage door this afternoon and they were easiest to grab.


So out they came and off to the hardware store I mozied. I had to pick up a can of Danish Oil,

and after pulling the one wobbly leg off, I found that I needed to repair a screw hole. I picked up

some two part epoxy for wood to fill the hole and thankfully it will be completely hidden by the

seat when assembled.


::Sigh!:: I finally located the maker stamp after performing a quick and easy breakdown of one

(and a quarter - to fix the wobbly leg) of the chairs.  These chairs are so simple to take apart. 

Just 10 screws hold them together.  I was a little worried that they might not be marked. Not

only are they marked, but they are dated as well!  Looks like 05 / 74, when Mr. Modtomic was

but a wee child!  That'll make these 38 years old in May.  I think it's time they got a little cleanup

/ refinish lovin', don't you?


So I only had enough time (after getting up way late - spent all day yesterday on planes coming

home from San Fran.) to go get my supplies, pull one chair completely apart, clean it up and rub

it down with the Watco Danish Oil.  Can you guess which chair got the spa treatment?


If you remember from our earlier posting I stated that one of the legs on one of the chairs had

been rubbed against a painted surface and that the paint had been transferred to the leg. After a

more careful inspection I found that many of the legs and backrests had some paint rubs and or

splatter on them. Some asked how I get the paint off. I've been out of town for a while and

haven't been doing my duty as per answering the comments (but I'm gonna! Promise!) but here's

my little "secret": I use Q-tips with Goof-Off.

DSCN6819 DSCN6820

I soaked the tip with the Goof-Off and gently rubbed any area with paint on it until the paint gets

dissolved and transferred to the Q-tip. This process will remove a little of the finish with it so only

do this to something that you'll be refinishing to some degree. The Goof-Off seemed to remove a

little of the original oil finish with the paint but the generous re-application of the Watco Danish Oil

made any irregularities completely disappear.

DSCN6821 DSCN6822

The "technique" seems to work great. Except for the little bumps here and there the wood looks

great! I've managed to impress myself. When I get them ALL done I'll take more detailed before

and after Danish Oil application pics. Now if I can only lighten the ciggy burn marks...


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    1. Hi Wendy. Oh...I was all like C? What does that mean? Cuz I get a copy of these post sent to my e-mail and it just said "C!". Now that I see it in the context of the post it makes sense! And's C!

  2. It's an astonishing difference. Think the plan to get rid of the cigarette burn will be just as effective? What are you using for that again?

    1. Hi Nick. I'm going to try a bleach / water mix...unless somebody has a better idea...