Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Junque-tique Shop In Berkley? Just Another Place To Dig For Treasures. San Pablo "Flea Market". Status: Flea Market?


A sign like this just wets Mr. Modtomic's appetite!  I don't care if I find absolutely nothing.  I just likes to get my diggin' on and a place such as this is just waiting to be mined!  Won't you join the Mr. for a tour of the grounds?

San Pablo Flea Mkt Panorama

This is a series of five pictures that are all stitched together to make this panoramic view of the

"yard". Anybody remember Sanford and Son? The theme song was running through my head the

first time I picked my way through here two years ago (this was our second visit to these places

in Berkeley Ca.). It's such a shame that this stuff just gets left out in the weather.


Like, dag yo. Why on earth did they leave that cool chair outside? And while maybe it kinda

makes sense to have a barber chair outside (no mess to cleanup inside!), I don't think anybody's

getting "lined up" out there. The poor rusty mod fireplace has a cone top sitting behind it. I guess

it could be cleaned up and shot with a new coat of paint.


Of course not everything outside was in rough shape.  I love those patio chairs.  No girly frillies,

flowers or vines.  The girlfriend made good use of the the brown vinyl and chrome chairs while

waiting for me to shoot pics.  We actually have some shelves a lot like this one except in chrome

and white.  I'll show ya them some day.


There was just all kinds of neat stuff to make projects of out in that yard. What do you think that

chrome base was for? Fish tank? Kinda looks like a bumper for a monster truck.


What kind of crazy stuff Can't you find in a place like this? It's a digger's paradise! Bring a

flashlight! You can't be afraid to step over some stuff and move some other stuff around to get

through a joint like this. The Girlfriend don't go for it. These pics are the only way that she'll ever

see the inside of a place like this!



  1. Even though you gotta kiss a lot of frogs in these places, you can soometimes find a sweet deal on something someone else overlooked!

    1. Hi A Mod. There's so much in these joints that there's stuff so buried that it hasn't had a chance to be overlooked in ages! I have to really limit my "digging" or I'd spend all day in a place like this!