Thursday, April 19, 2012

Contemporary Curtis Jere? Turns Out Artisan House Is Still Churnin' Out The Goods! Status: Even "Birds" Is Still Available New!


I took a little look around the web the other day  for "Artisan House" just after picking this up and found that this piece is still in production and that Artisan House and "Curtis Jere" are still going strong!


This piece is called "Pick Up Sticks" and is still available new from Artisan House. Also, BIG

NEWS (at least to me!): you can still buy the iconic Jere sculpture "Birds in Flight" or Seagulls

as it seems to actually be called by Artisan House BRAND NEW
and for about Half what

you'd pay for an old one on eBay! You Are Welcome! I think I know What I'm getting for



I picked this Jere up off a craigslist ad that surfaced a little over a week ago. I didn't "score" a

great deal but at the time I didn't know it was a piece that was still avaiable! I wouldn't have had

too much negotiation room anyway. I paid a fair price. I was just hoping that this was going to

turn out to be some super rare piece and was going to be worth a bucket of dough! But I'm

happy as a clam in sand to have it! Color it added to the growing collection!


  1. WOW!! Love this piece!! Great grab!!

    1. Hi Alli. I'm loving the industial / brutalist style.

  2. I kind of like that one more than the birds, it's really fun!

  3. To think all the screwing around I did in weldng class in highschool, putting this and that together I could have sold as art. Instead of sticking with the curriculum and bulding car ramps or whatever the outlined project was.

  4. Wow, thank you for this information! I've recently run across Jere pieces at estate/garage sales and am seeking information about more of the vintage pieces that were available. Do you or anyone reading this happen to know of an online resource featuring Curtis Jere work? Thank you! Pilot

    reach me at:

    1. Hi Pilot. I've not found an online database of Jere pieces. I wish there was an OCD Curtis Jere collector out there who could put one together! That goes for Witco too!