Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wentzville Flea Market Last Sunday. It Was A Beautiful Day But Bad Weather Was Coming. Status: Fewer Vendors For The Day.


Need a terrarium starter kit? I prolly shoulda picked this up 'cuz I'd love to build a little terrarium garden some day and I know when I'm ready I'll have no idea where to find one of these. Guess I'll head back to the Wentzville Flea Market and hope for the best!


There was lots of mid century art to be had. Even if you're not so much into the prints or actual

art, the frames are nice! And usually the prices are right.


The great thing about the flea market is the wide variety of collection you're going to find. And

it's pretty much different every time you go. Sometimes it's just a single piece that you'll find to

complete your own set of something and other times it's a full set that gets you started!


Old thing, new things, red things, blue things. Big and small there's all sorts of neat stuff to be had.

I love the old red lawn tractor by the way. Don't let the Girlfriend know I didn't pick up the pair

of speckled blue gravy servers.


I do have a soft spot in my Modtomic heart for the vintage Thermos'. But what the heck am I

gonna do with a Thermos? I just don't drink that much coffee! But that large Tiki laying there  

almost came home with me. It was hard leaving it behind. If the base hadn't been broken and

the seller had asked the same price I would have snatched it up.


Ok, so it wasn't a banner pickin' day.  I did find a few choice items that I will of course be

featuring later.  There were too many vacant "spots" this Sunday.  The weather was nice and

warm and the sun was shining but the wind was real strong and there was a big storm on it's

way from the south west.  I guess that must have scared off a number of the regular sellers.  I'm

sure they'll be back though.  Just like us with going out to buy and pick, they've got the selling in

their blood!   Looks like next weekend is the Belleville Flea Market weekend.  Maybe we'll get

out there.  The weather looks like it should cooperate.


  1. I got out early and caught a few estates on Saturday. Tried to stop at the yard sales on the way back home but the weather that came your way on Sunday was here with us in Nebraska on Saturday. Every one was closing up shop! Ended up being a bust.

    1. Hi Rachael. Some weekends you get the bear...some weekends the bear gets you. There'll be plenty more nicer weekends this summer to stock up on the vintage modern goodness!

  2. I've never seen a penguin ice bucket in copper...

    1. Hi bopfish. Me either! I was tempted but it didn't make the cut.