Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just A Little More Loot From The Weekend Before Last! I Know...So Much Booty From ONE Weekend! Status: Smalls.


I was gone most of last week so I took a bunch of pictures and uploaded them to Flickr before I left.  This let me keep posting daily from "the road"...even though it wasn't really "the road" since we flew.  I'm so not a fan of flying.  I can't bring anything with me to sell or anything with me back home!  It's like being bound and gagged!

Thank goodness I had a really good weekend before we left.  It was like loading up on carbs

before a marathon!  And while I wasn't able to bring much home physically...I did take a bunch

of pics to share with ya later.  One particular item almost made me cry to leave behind...and

made me consider renting a truck to drive home!  I show you it later though.  This post is about

some items acquired BEFORE we left!


Yup.  I found another magazine / log rack.  I've got to clean it up and maybe shoot it with some

paint to pretty it up but I'll be offering it on craigslist as soon as I do.  It's not real flashy but it's

more vintage modern appropriate than most anything you'll find new at the big stores.  Maybe

I'll bundle it with some mod fireplace tools that I have available too.


This Aztec Melmac snack / salad set was also a basement score from the estate sale we attended

with Nick.  It looks unused.  I'm loving it!  I know I'm treading on the Girlfriends turf here but

she's glad I snatched it too!  It's a little darker /  richer color than the ice bucket I posted a few

weeks back but it's close enough.


I picked up this (signed) sailboad sculpture at the Wentzville Flea Market the day I drove to

Columbia Mo. to pick up the Drexel dining room set.  You can just see the signature on the lower

rear of the stern sail.   I thought it might be a DeMott but the signature doesn't match.  I've no

idea who created this.  I certainly can't make heads or tails of the siggy!  The sculpture is pretty

big too...a little over a foot tall total.


  1. Love the sculpture no matter who did it. I'm a sucker for dimensional pieces. I hate flying! Last time out got stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours and another 3 in flight. Nothing like 6 hours stuck in one place...

    1. Hi A Mod. The Flights weren't bad at all. I just hate that I can't lug a bunch of extra stuff with me! When we drive to New Orleans I generally sell a wagon load of stuff while down there! Totally pays for the trip.

  2. Oh, man! Always trust your gut. I picked up that exact same ship thingie at the Goodwill on Saturday--$2--and my husband said, "NO. Have you lost your mind?" and I let him shame me into putting it back down..;-D .I live 65 miles away so there's no rushing back, now.

    1. Hi Becky. Another will cross your path and you'll appreciate it just that much more when it does! I'm pretty lucky in that the Girlfriend has come to trust my judgement (as I have hers)...but not so much that she'll just let me make a BIG mistake!

  3. I think the boat sculpture was made by Mario Jason, but I'm not sure. I have a boat w/ a similar signature (if not the same-hard to tell). Cool finds!

    1. Hi Anony. I think you might be right on about the signature / artist. Thanks so much!

  4. I grew up with a set of those brown bowls and they're the best/handiest ever. They're the perfect size for cereal/chili/my mom's chicken & dumplings, and the little handle is great when the contents are hot. If you ever get tired of them and decide to sell, let me know, cause I can't talk my parents out of theirs to save my life!

    1. Hi Kim. Ha! Good luck prying these from the Girlfriends hands!

  5. Just passed on a very similar brass sailboat sculpture on marble, it looked like it had been left outside and had rust issues in spots. Thought about trying to salvage like TITANIC but left her where she lay.