Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It Just Finds Me. Well, OK...I'll Admit, I Do A Tiny Bit Of Looking. Another Broyhill Brasilia Dining Set. Status: Almost Available.


Ok, so two of the chairs are spoken for and I'll be trading out one of my standard chairs for the armchair so it's really gonna be a four chair set with a drop leaf oval table dining set. It needs some love so it's not yet available but I thought I'd show it off anywayz.


Every three or four months another batch of Broyhill Brasilia seems to find it's way here.

Sometimes it's a set that I didn't even buy! This one was a craigslist find from about a week ago.

Yes, it was StL local. No, it was not listed as Brasilia, Broyhill, Mid Century, Danish, Eames Era

or even Vintage. Most of my best scores these days are from c-list ads with absolutely no Key

Words! Do the work, get the scores.


The horrible...Horrible upholstery aside, the chairs are in remarkably good shape! One has a

little wobble that I need to take care of but no biggie. The finish on the set is pretty great. Just

wanting for a little Feed-N-Wax. Illuminate has dibs on a pair of them. That leaves four that I

might break up or leave as a set. Kinda depends on how things go. If I end up breaking them up

I might just keep two more for myself for a set of eight.  I wonder what's under that terrible

upholstery...original upholstery perhaps?  I'll have to check!


The table suffers from a former owner's ill fated attempt at a refinish.  Don't know what went

wrong but it gives me yet another opportunity to work on my refinishing chops.  This is a new

Brasilia style to me.  I've only seen the 6140-42 Drop Leaf Table in the brochure.  We now

have the 6140-44 Regular Table that we traded Dan our old 6140-45 Round Table for.  Is it

my goal to have or have had every piece of Broyhill Brasilia in the catalog?, no.

It just seems to be happening.

6130-22 Double Dresser Base - Had
6130-32 Triple Dresser Base - Have X 2 / Had
6130-05 Landscape Mirror - Had
6130-01 Single Arch Mirror - Have
6130-25 Magna Dresser - Had
6130-40 Chest - Have
6130-90 Night Stand - Have X 2
6130-41 Door Chest - Had X 3
6130-56 Panel Bed - Have X 2 / Had X 2
6140-62 Breakfront Base - Have X 2 / Had
6140-63 Breakfront Deck - Have X 2
6140-11 Buffet - Had
6140-80 Arm Chair - Have X 4 / Had X 3
6140-81 Side Chair - Have X 10 / Had X Countless
6140-44 Regular Table - Have X 2
6140-45 Round Table - Had X 2
6140-42 Drop Leaf Table - Have
6150-55 Modular Door Unit - Had
6140-25 Desk - Had
????-?? Side Table With Drawer - Have / Had
????-?? Server / Drybar - Have


  1. All hail Mr. Modtomic, King of Brasilia.

    Seriously, it's crazy how much of this stuff you find.

    1. Hi Nick. Ya know...for a guy who really (Really! I Swear!) isn't trying to "collect" the Brasilia...I kinda am the king! No. No way, Dan wears the crown.

  2. So far I've only managed to score a china that sold quickly. There are some pieces available in the area, but are way too pricey for me to make anything on or even for end users it appears as they don't move...

    1. Hi A Mod. Brasilia seems to be fairly plentiful in the StL area. I guess you could say we're blessed with an abundance. Lots of it gets listed without the key word "Brasilia" though. You're seeing it at Vintage / Retro shops and it's not selling? Are they pricing it like this? I think some people are over valuing it a bit. But who knows, I may be kicking myself for pricing it the way I do some day!

    2. Wow. I got an entire, nearly mint, Broyhill Emphasis bedroom set last week for way less than half what a Brasilia would have cost me, from those folks...of course, it's NOT Brasillia, but this was Omaha; not St. Louis. So, WHY did everyone in St. Louis have such groovy taste and decent amounts of cash money, back in the 60's? That is the question inquiring minds want to know. :-D

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  4. Ha! there is one of these tables at the VOA store where I bought the Picasso print. The problem is that the previous owner wanted a square table and CUT the rounded ends off of the leaves. Rest in peace Brasilia drop leaf table :-(

    1. Hi bopfish. Oooo. I could really use the legs for the other Normal Table I have out in the garage!

  5. " I love everything Brasilia, yet sadly have none. We don't even have any dining room furniture other than a old diner style kitchen table. :/

    Also, that link to the virtual pad tour reminded me about the a-hole anonymous guy leaving comments about hack MCM appreciation, which gave me another laugh because I'd rather own multiple pieces of Brasilia than a Noguchi table any day."

    Sorry Rachel, this is a family blog. Had to edit.

  6. One of the retro stores in DC had an oval drop leaf table a couple of months ago. They started off asking $800 and I think it went for $650 (in excellent condition; with one leaf, I think).

  7. Oops! Sorry! haha. I'll watch my mouth. :x