Saturday, April 28, 2012

Daily Blogs And Project Postings, They Don't Always Work So Well Together. Status: Half Done Herman Miller Chiclet!

Before and After Chiclet

I've been trying to get out in the morning on these beautiful spring days and get some work done on my various projects.  Even though I cherish my 9 hours of sleep a night, it seems such a waste to sleep 'til noon Every day!

Unfortunately, these projects take time to finish.  But I wanna share them with you, so you get to

see a lot of half done projects.  But hey!  You get to see the difference between start and finish

in real time (sorta) this way!


See! OK, so it's not super I cleverly included some text and arrows on the pics to

help me point out areas of "interest". For real, I'm kinda disappointed that a bigger difference

didn't show up in the pics but the cushions really do look cleaner and smell nicer.


I still need to "shave" the nubbies after I get done cleaning all the cushions. I'm STILL only half

done with the Bissel
. Work work's all I do! Not true. I sleep 9 hours a day too.


You can Just make out the difference in color in the photo above. You know...if you squint and

try REAL hard!


So hopefully I'll get this finished up this weekend and get started on another.  Actually, I've

already "started" on about four or five other projects.  So I guess I'm hoping to Finish another

project or two!  I'll keep ya up to date.  By the way, don't those bushes look great?  Wish the

grass did.


  1. On somethings it's hard to get good enough pics to really show how much better they look in person. I can smell the difference right there in the pic though :)

  2. Hi A Mod. Unfortunately, the cleaning process actually makes the aroma MORE noticeable until the fabric dries! It's all done now though and smells (and actually does look!) better. It wasn't all that bad to begin with for real.