Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coolest Mug Ever And Other Pickings From Junque Shop Last Weekend. Status: Smalls-n-Stuff.


I wasn't sure if this was a genuine Herman Miller mug when the Girlfriend pointed it out at the Junque shop last weekend but I've spotted a few others on the web since.  Neat, huh?!  And since it doesn't say Herman Miller anywhere on it I can pretend it's a Broyhill Brasilia coffee mug too!  I picked up a bag full of other smalls too.  Wanna take a quick look?

More coffee mugs! Can you ever have too many cool vintage coffee mugs? These are like super

heavy duty too and have a beautiful glaze. They kinda remind me of Frankoma but are just

labeled "Oven Proof USA" on the bottom. Oven Proof? What would posses someone to put a

coffee cup in the oven? Maybe I'm just not old enough to understand. Speaking of Frankoma...


Again, the Girlfriend sussed this out and showed it to me. It's a warming base for a bean pot or

soup tureen. I think I've got a bean pot that will look great sitting atop this baby! In any event, I

think it's one of the coolest shapes in the Frankoma line. Note that there is a little place in the

middle for a votive or tealight candle.


I managed to find another Tikitty Cat too! I love these wooden cats. I've got either three or four

in various sizes now. I'm still looking to get some of those porcelain danish cats though.


Found a pair of small vintage modern lamps too. Finding matched shades is gonna be a challenge.

I might forgo the matched shades and just find what I can find. We'll see. I did actually find one

cool small barrel shade at the shop as well but forgot to take a picture of it. Oops. Sorry. No

matter, it was too big for these lamps and I'm not even sure if I have a lamp for it...yet. Did I

mention I got a cool coffee mug?



  1. I never would have guessed that was a warming base. Not looking for numbers but is there much return on coffee mugs. I see boatloads of vintage mugs and always pass them up never thinking of them as an investment.

    1. Huh. Who knew drug mugs were popular. I've got a place where I could fill 2 shopping buggies with mugs(a lot of vintage) for 10 cents each.I've always gone for the milk glass Anchor Hocking, Fire King or Hazel Atlas but I guess I'll have to go shopping. Thanks Mr Mod.

  2. Dear Youngsters,
    This may be hard to believe, but a long, long, time ago, there were no microwaves. So what did you do when your cup of coffee (or anything else) became cold and unappetizing too soon? Put it in the oven. I think "oven proof" may have actually meant "husband proof." But I can remember my parents doing this, or pouring their cup of coffee in a pan on the stove to warm it up. Yes, they were that frugal. Works for soups too. I've also seen desserts baked in them (think ramekin before Americans knew what a ramekin was).

    1. Hi Stacy. Ah ha! A time before microwaves...I can hardly remember such a time! I'd love for the Girlfriend to make me some Creme Brulee in those mugs!