Monday, April 16, 2012

Saturday's Estate Sale Hopes Didn't Pan Out But I Had A Backup. I Had Spotted This Eames Segment Base Table The Night Before On C-List. Status: Indestructible!


I was hoping to have brought home another Drexel Declaration dining table and chairs Saturday after waiting outside all night to be the second in line but the price just wasn't right.  After a nice long nap I awoke to find I had a reply to an e-mail that I had sent off the evening before about this Eames / Herman Miller Segment Base Table.

I knew my instincts were right when I passed on the same type table a few months ago at that

shoe shop / estate sale
.   The price just wasn't right (for me) on that table either.  Sometimes you

just gotta know when to say "nope" and walk away.  I did drop a bit more bank on a Herman

Miller Chiclet Sofa
than I might normally for a couch at that same sale, but those are much less

common a find as an Eames table.  As a matter of fact, this is my second genuine article!


Looks mighty fine with those Hans Olsen Danish chairs, don't it?  This is one of those great

designs that can stand it's own when paired with most any chairs without trying too hard and

stealing the show.  It's gorgeous without being flashy.  Even the ultra durable formica top looks

really nice.  This would be a great table for anyone with kids.  Indestructible.  They could

probably color on it with markers and it would most likely come clean.  And just like the Hans

Olsen chairs, the table breaks down into easy to store or move components!


The aluminum legs could use a good cleanup and the steel uprights might could use a new coat

of paint but the only real issue is a missing glide. Looks like it might not be an easy item to quickly

replace. I kinda kicked around on the net and can't seem to locate a cheap replacement. I can't

imagine that a New glide from Herman Miller would be a cheap option. Anybody know a used

replacement place?


So my Saturday wasn't a total bust. As a matter of fact...after picking up this table we stopped at

a neat little junque shop on the way home where we managed to find some great random goodies

that I'll share later. Yeah, I napped through the rest of the rain, got some smoked pulled pork and

beef brisket for dinner and scored a great table anyway! As Adam Sandler once said:

"Not Too Shabby"!


  1. I refinished a table much like this but in the larger conference size that had a veneer top. Someones husband, a geologist had plunked down something wet on top of the table and left a stain and the finish was pretty dry anyway. I managed to get 95% of the stain out and it turned out great with several coats of new poly finish for some extra durability. Great looking tables!!

    1. Hi A Mod. have one with a real wood top! I'd go totally nuts refinishing that and polishing the legs and maybe even have the painted bits powdercoated! You dream table (weird...I know) is a Florence Knoll conference / dining table. That would pair up nice with the Brasilia buffet and china cab, right? Don't know what I'd do about chairs though.

  2. I was the guy second in line to you in buying this. My hat goes off to you.

    1. Hi Rob. It's still available...for a bit more than I picked it up for though! Bear in mind that I paid more than the asking price (and didn't take the chairs offered with case you were after those as well).

  3. It was nice meeting you and I'm so glad you enjoy it! Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Anony. Thanks for getting back to me about the table. Wasn't that a beautiful day! I had stayed up all rainy night the evening before to attend an estate sale and then took a hard nap before coming by. By that time the sky had cleared and it was lovely out!