Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reader G. T. Snatched Up The Set Of Four Blue Club Chairs From C-List That I Posted About A Few Weeks Ago. Status: Double Blogged.


I spotted this set of four really cool on craigslist about two weeks ago and while it looked to be an amazing deal at only $30 for the full set, I realized that I just didn't have a need for them or the room either.  So I decided to pass the info onto you my amazing readership, with the request that if any of your bought them could you send me some pics.


Well, it turns out a reader DID buy them and he was kind enough to send me some more pictures

of them.  He says there are no identification tags on any of them and I'm sorta stumped as to who

might have manufactured them.  I'm still leaning toward Thayer Cogin (Milo Baughman) but I

don't have anything to back that up.


My Thayer Cogin sofa has the same type seat cushion strap / hooks that these chairs have. 

That's about all I have other than the overall style.  The chairs are apparently in great condition

and are only wanting for a good cleaning.  This has to be one of the best craigslist deals in quite

a while!


G. says that the sellers really dragged their feet getting back to him. It took him about a week to

seal the deal and get the chairs home. I'm wondering how he plans to use them. A pair facing

each other with a sofa and a long coffee table between would be classic, but four? That's gonna

be tough unless two go into another room or you have a very large room! Any way, great score

G. I hope they clean up as nice! Can anybody else provide an ID on these fine club chairs?


  1. There's no rule that says you must have a sofa. I would use the four chairs around a round coffee table for a nice, cozy conversational pit.

    1. Hi Rosie. Thanks for weighing in! So true! I'm kinda weird though, if I had a Huge amount of extra space so I could have a "traditional" layout AND a conv. pit I'd be OK...but I gotta haves my sofa! Where ya gonna nap Saturday afternoon after an estate sale?