Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sunday Craigslist Coffee Table Score. Picked Up This Lane Mosaic Piece On My Way Home From The Flea Mkt. Status: Cleaned And Ready.


Mr. Modtomic gets requests for Mid Century Modern long coffee tables via craigslist quite often so I try to pick them up whenever I can.  This one was a craigslist find Sunday but it needed a little love, and a little love it got.


I don't go overboard with the refinishing when I find items that could use a little refresh.  A: I like

to leave the item with some signs of its age.  B: I'm not going to be able to get it perfect anyway!

But I can make it look much much better!  Believe me, this table looks much much better!


I used some steel wool and Minwax Antique Finish Restorer to clean off the worn, sad top. I

found that if I use a small amount, wet the surface, scrub it with the steel wool and mop up the

Minwax with a paper towel quick before it dries again that I'm able to get great results much

quicker. Just another technique to remember. It worked like a charm on this walnut Lane coffee



The best part is the mosaic tile center strip.  You know what that means, right?  Guest will have

to try even HARDER to leave water rings!  They'd never do that though, would they?  The

lovely walnut figuring is just too beautiful.  Better leave some coasters just in case!  And if this

table looks like something you'd like to ad to your living room just click this link to my craigslist

.  Remember though, I don't ship!


  1. Another fine example of the great Lane tables of the period!

  2. Hi A Mod. I wish I knew the name of this line. Seems like most Lane lines have a name. Anybody out there got any idea?

  3. Looks good. Do you put anything else on the wood after you have used the MinWax Finish Restorer? I am currently doing a set of Acclaim Step Tables using Formby's Refinisher and can not decide what to go back over them with.

  4. I have the set of these. Coffee and two end tables. I just found your link because I trying trying to see how valuable they are. They are my husbands and were originally his Grandmother's. The endtables are in pretty worn shape and I need to replace the tile on all three. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!!