Friday, May 6, 2011

What's Fuzzy, Pretty and Just Wants To Be Looked At? No, No, No...Not My Poke Chop Sideburns! Status: Smooth


Say, remember when guy's would park their (totally custom) van on a corner gas station lot and sell velvet paintings back in the '70s? Whatever happened to that? Oh, right...the '80s. Stupid '80s.


Ain't she a beauty? I call her "Sweet Leilani" I can't quite make out the signature though. Looks

like Christiansen or something. I had this hanging in the foyer for a while but she got replaced

by the Chinese Junk painting.


...and if you gonna have ya some velvet paintings you gotta have a bull fighter...or two. How do

you think they got that bull to stay still long enough to paint like that?


Where the heck is this supposed to be? It kinda looks like the Golden Gate but clearly there

are too many towers. I think it's this bridge but this picture is captioned as the Golden Gate

! It's not! What is it? Anybody recognize it? Is it the San Fransisco Bay Bridge? That's

my guess.


  1. love me some velvet paintings for sure. my grandma had an Elvis one of course! how did i let it slip??

  2. Unfortunately, this place is closed: but if it ever opens up again, I can highly recommend you checking it out on your travels! So. Many. AWESOME. Velvet. Paintings!!!