Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Could This Be The Elvis Of Living Room Seating? It Swivels AND Rocks...It Comes From The Same Era...It's A "Club" Chair...Elvis "Played Clubs". Ok...Maybe That Was A Stretch. Status: What? It's Already Gone?


Right, picked up this fantastic swivel rocking lounge chair at the estate sale last Saturday. Poor thing was sittin' all by it's lonesome down in the basement. That's not true...really...the round table featured yesterday was down there keeping it company along with a few other disparate items. That sale was something of a hodge podge yet one of the best I've been to this year!

Wow, I'm feeling a little like Dana over at Mid2Mod! I put this and the round table up on

craigslist Sunday night and by Monday afternoon had a new owner lined up for both! They

found their new homes this afternoon. That's the quickest adoption I've ever managed!


The chair had a fair amount of pet hair on it when I got it home. I took a roll of packing tape to it

and relieved it of most visible fur. I say visible because the new caretaker emailed me a few

hour ago letting me know that she had "found a HUGE wad of cat hair and a flea collar under

the lower cushion". I had let her know ahead of time that it had been in a household with pets

and that I had removed as much as I could of the visible pet hair. I'm glad she's still happy with

it as she said she'll be giving it a more thorough cleaning tomorrow and is looking forward to

using it in her nursery. What a perfect chair for a nursery! It doesn't just looks good

doing it!


Looks like it was made by Wieland / Unimold. Wieland still makes institutional furnishing. I

couldn't find much to compare this chair to by searching the name Wieland (in various

combinations with vintage, mid century, danish, etc.). The other tag on the bottom is a delivery

tag from Dolnicks Furniture here in St. Louis. Dolnicks specializes in pricey contemporary

furnishings. I don't find it at all surprising that this chair might have come from such a place in

the '60s or early '70s.



  1. Isn't it great to flip pieces that fast? Exciting stuff!

  2. love it love it love it :) good job!

  3. lovely wonder it flew off the shelf :)

  4. I have a Wieland Couch and 2 chairs dated 1964 Wieland Chicago. I also cannot find any information on them.

  5. My Dad and his brothers owned "Wieland Unimold". It's fun to see the furniture still gets attention!

    Blaine Wieland