Friday, May 20, 2011

They Beat A Swizzle Stick Anyday I'm Sure. Can I Make Ya A Chocolate Soda? Status: Only Two? I Need Another.


Right, I totally need MORE stuff. But, as we all learned early in life, Three is a magic number! Without a third...well it's just not a family, is it?


This fella looks to be a proper antique...or very nearly so. It works but the cord is so stiff and

brittle that it's threatening to just turn to dust any moment. Not so much safe. But cords can

easily be replaced. The good news is that otherwise this baby is complete, right down to the

strainer / splash guard. It's pretty cool how this setup works. To remove or replace the mixing

glass you must pull the mixing axle up through the top of the motor via the knob on the top.

How unusual is that?



This one is more common but has that beautiful seafoam green color. It works just fine and the

cord is soft and supple! I'm thinking this one is more from the late '50s or early '60s. The above

Mixall has been displayed in the bar but this Gilbert has been sittin atop the fridge since we

moved in. I think it's time for it to join the Mixall in the bar.


I love how these old appliances are put together with screws instead of rivets or glue. They

were meant to last and when (if?) they failed, you could have them repaired. One didn't just

toss out an item back in the day!

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