Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Fireplace Toolset Logical Progression. From "Whatever Works" to "Wow"! Status: Fireplace Fabulousness!


In chronological order from right to left. The ubiquitous brass set was purchased for a couple of bucks just so we could have a fire. I'm not sure where the "poker" is at the moment. Then it was usurped by the cooler looking middle set. It has a chip in one of the wood handles though. Anybody want it? $20. Now we are using the Really Tall danish set and it's Juuusssst Right!


I've been trying to find an appropriate set ever since we moved in. Thought I found a set at an

estate sale once. Walked up to the house and there it was next to the garage. Turns out, that

was someones "pile". Dang. No worries though. At just $3.99 (from the Salv. Army thrift store),

I'm glad I waited for the new set! The second set we got from a guy who I've sold and traded a

few pieces of Brazilia to. While we were over at his place one day he asked if I needed them as

he himself had just acquired a more impressive set. Well of course I said yes and handed him

$20! Now it's time for them to move on. So the next person who needs a vintage modern set of

fireplace tools who shows up with a twenty in hand gets them!


This set is the keeper. I can't imagine finding a better set. The style is both danish and brutalist

at the same time. It even seems sorta Spanish in a way.


Maybe that makes it Spanish modern. One could see a bit of Gaudi in the design of the upper

cast iron section.


Yikes...look at that dirty floor. I need to clean that up. Doesn't that "poker" look pissed off? This

whole set has a very aggressive quality about it. Very masculine.


  1. That poker does sort-a have a "rock claw" / "devil horns" look to it.

  2. Mr. Modtomic -- I'll take the middle one. Seriously. Based on the blog stalking I have done, I think your office is near my office -- maybe we could meet downtown?

  3. CT - contact me via my craigslist ad. I can meet ya downtown or here.

  4. This is The Girlfriend and I would just like to add: I get credit for this find. Normally, I don't comment or worry about who found what and I usually get my due, but seriously, Mr. Modtomic walked right by this set twice without seeing it. I think he even credited me with this one is a previous post. This set is awesome, so, just this once, I am claiming the credit! If anyone ever finds andirons of the midmod sort, please let us know.

  5. CT now has the "middle" set. She picked it up from me today. Enjoy it CT!